Top 10 Exercises to Help You Stay Fit

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Being fit is so important nowadays but due to our hectic schedules, we cannot exercise and pay attention to our diet. We all indulge ourselves in eating junk and processed food which is unhealthy since its easily available in stores.

To stay fit we should invest in healthy diet and start exercising before its too late. Not paying attention to our health can lead to heart problems, diabetes, obesity. And fitness doesn’t have to come after one has been through a breakup. The idea of hitting the gym after a breakup to transform ones self is a wrong idea because you don’t go to exercise because you are concerned about fitness but it’s taken out of frustration.

A study states that by 2025 India will have over 17 million children who will be obese. It is because of rapid changes in lifestyle and eating habits. Our country post liberalisation in the 90’s saw a boom with all the international food brands coming into the markets serving their products according to the taste of the Indian audience and consumers.

Last year our Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore launched the #humfittohindiafit in order to spread awareness about being fit by tagging your friends on Instagram, facebook, and twitter. Deepika Padukone, Arjun Kapoor, Virat Kohli, PM Narendra Modi, and many others took up this challenge and tagged others to spread this initiative.

1. Jogging

A 30-minute jog is enough in a day. If one doesn’t get time to jog he/she should take the stairs since a staircase is available anywhere. If one is not motivated or feels motivated to go out for a jog he/she can take his/her pet dog along and if not a dog then a best friend who will not gossip but will motivate to jog. One can also listen to music unless he/she is jogging on a footpath or on a road because there could be traffic and people around. The best place to jog is a garden with jogging track. There are gardens specially made for jogging so that individuals can jog properly.

2. Brisk walk

Walking is a classic and easiest way to lose some weight. Not just a normal walk but a brisk walk. Since brisk walks let your arms swing back and forth it helps your body to break down stored fat. Senior citizens can go for small walks and it’s not necessary for them to a brisk walk.

3. Skipping

As children, we all must have skipped but have stopped as we grew older because who skips it’s a child’s game. Skipping is really effective and burns fat faster. It tones one’s arms, thighs, and calf. It’s also a great cardiovascular exercise and keeps your heart healthy. A person with heart-related problems should not do skipping because it will have a negative effect on the heart.

4. Swimming

Water sports are always fun. Nowadays there are many exercises that can be done for example water aerobics. Swimming also aids individuals suffering from asthma and other respiratory disorder. Because at the beginning of swimming training beginners are thought how to control their breath. 

5. Crunches

Full or half crunches they are great if one wants abs and a strong core. If one can’t pull his/her body, he/she can tell someone to hold his/her legs or knees in order to get a grip. It is a wrong belief that only boys should and can do crunches.

6. Badminton

Badminton is an outdoor sport. This competitive sport has a lot of benefits. It helps to strengthen one’s arms and legs. There are many sports clubs who have huge badminton courts for their club members.

7. Squats

Squats help in toning the thighs and buttocks. One can do air squats, chair squats anytime they want.  This is one exercise which can be done anytime and anywhere and also it doesn’t require any heavy training equipment.

8. Plank

Doing a plank daily helps in building up core strength. It also helps to balance one’s body. And one can lose a lot of calories while staying in a plank position. This exercise can be done in order to test one’s capability to hold oneself in one position.

9. Yoga

Yoga gives one flexibility by relaxing all the muscles. Meditation helps to keep one’s mind at peace and allows to concentrate on breathing. It increases stability and concentration. There are many yoga postures, for beginners to yogis. Schools, colleges, cooperate offices and other stressful jobs encourage yoga so that their students and employees stay calm during stressful situations like exams or meetings.

10. Zumba

Zumba is a good remedy for individuals suffering from depression. It helps in boosting in happy hormones since one only dances during a zumba session and allows one to socialise. Zumba is taken up by all i.e from kids to senior citizens.

But before trying out any exercises or following a diet regime it’s always important to consult a doctor. At the end of the day, it’s the matter of being for and eating healthy.

~Written by Crystal

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