Chris Phillips Teenage Millionaire Dot5hosting

Chris Phillips Teenage Millionaire

Chris Phillips the Teenpreneur who became a Millionaire at the age of 18

Chris Phillips is a young entrepreneur who is a multi-millionaire. The success rates of his business have led him to the limelight, and he is in the talks of the business world. Christ Phillips is listed among the top 24 Richest people in the United Kingdom aged 30 or under. Chris became a millionaire at the age of 18. He is one of the most fascinating businessmen who look out for growth in everything and everywhere. He has been playing with ideas and experimenting from a young age. Chris had it in himself from the very beginning and didn’t want to live the ordinary life with ordinary dreams. He always follows the quote, ‘You miss 100% of those shots you don’t take’. 

Chris Phillips Dot5Hosting and Football scores website

The beginning

Chris wasn’t a brilliant student as per the school norms. He had dyslexia and didn’t want a few bits of paper to decide the fate of his life. He was not a big fan of school and the traditional studying pattern. While his friends were getting A grades, he lacked behind, and he knew he had to figure out something to get through the odds of life and become something which gets him all he ever dreamt of. He had it in his mind to figure out something and pave such a way that does not rely on his qualifications by the school.

Chris was a huge fan of Football from a young age. Just for the sake of his craze for Football he built a website which shows football match updates which he made keeping in mind his craze for Football and his friends. He used to pay a person £20 for managing and hosting the website. He later realized that rather than paying someone for hosting his website, he should earn by hosting others website. This was the beginning of his beautiful and admirable journey of success. This movie led him to the establishment of Dot5hosting. He worked on it relentlessly and finally sold it to an American company IPowerWeb in the year 2003. This step earned him his first million. 

The Journey

Chris, after selling Dot5hosting, he entered into different opportunities and trying out different things to reach out his ultimate fate. He also made an artificial chatbot. All his experiments didn’t work out any longer until 2008. In the year 2008, Chris found ‘Just Develop It’. It is an investment company which fetched business in their initial stage and engaged in bringing business for both the startup as well as Just Develop It. JDI pushed the businesses forward and fetched more profits and growth for them.

Brooke Bryan and Nick Baker are his old friends who were with him in his venture testing period. Brooke Bryan joined the team for handling the technology, whereas Nick Baker joined in to manage the marketing aspect of it. There was no looking back after the kick starts to JDI, and I earned millions of revenue. Many England based companies benefitted from JDI as they got investments from it. Mutiny festival, The Astoria, Kassia and Red Lounge. This platform does not cater to only food restaurants and leisure companies. Cloud-based businesses platforms have also seen investment from JDI including fortifi and aviation operator Xclusive Jets. JDI has more than 35 full-time employees and across 100 investment portfolios.

His secret to becoming a millionaire

Chris has a very charismatic personality who is always full of ideas but doesn’t like showing off his wealth and is not inspired by those who show off their wealth through their clothing when they have an official meet. Chris doesn’t judge people from their attire rather believe in those and gets inspired by those who are full of ideas. He wears a shirt and shorts to his office and believes that work desks don’t add the magic what a comfortable chair with business conversation can do. He still looks out for opportunities and always wants to work relentlessly since he never wants to miss and opportunity in front of him.

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