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Teenage Millionaire

Cameron Johnson Teenage Millionaire, The Entrepreneurship Journey

Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson is an American entrepreneur, speaker, author and a teenage millionaire. He has been listed in the list of ‘Self Made Teen Entrepreneur’. Cameron is an American Entrepreneur and a chairman of Magic City Ford Lincoln. He is a multimillionaire. He started with his business ventures at the age of 9. By the age of 15, he had established 15 successful startups. Before turning 18, he was already a millionaire. He is currently 34 years old and is an author and has various shows telecasted along with being an entrepreneur. The self-made entrepreneur has a net worth in millions and has been involved in business and experimenting with his venture ideas from a young age.

Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson Teenage Millionaire

The Beginning of the teenage millionaire journey

Cameron, at a very young age of 9, had a mind full of ideas. While his friends were busy playing kids games, he was all set to weave his future with his ventures. His first venture was initiated by his idea of making greeting cards for his family’s celebrations. Majority of those who received the greeting card was impressed, and the young boy started getting orders for Greeting cards from his family friends and colleagues. He continued this business for a few years and later invested the revenue earned from this business to buy The Beanie Babies and made these purchases at wholesale prices that took directly from the manufacturer.

Cameron didn’t follow the traditional method of sale but rather got himself a website made where he sold the dolls. He also posted the offer of sale of these dolls on Ebay. At this time he was only 12 years old. While Cameron’s friends were busy playing kids games, he made his first 50,000 dollars. When he turned 13, he started a new venture named ‘EZ Mail’. EZ Mail forwarded mails to an account without sharing the information of the recipients. He also hired a coder to develop this idea. Within a couple of years Cameron’s venture named ‘EZ Mail’ generated 3,000 dollars per month as revenue from advertisers.

The Grind to become a millionaire

In the year 1997 Cameron along with two other teen entrepreneurs established Surfingprizes.com which was an advertising company which displayed ads on top of the web browser and paid 0.2 dollars per hour to the person who showed ads on their computers. Also, those who fetched new advertisers for the company received 10 percent of the new user’s revenue. They wanted more advertisers, and hence they partnered with big companies like Advertising.com and DoubleClick, which could quickly sell their ads to the clients.

These companies took only 30% of the revenue while 70% of income went in the pockets of the three young entrepreneurs or say teenprenuers. By the time he turned 15, he had earned a monthly $3,00,000. Till he turned 15, he had successfully established 15 different ventures while experimenting with different business ideas. Also at the age of 15, he became the youngest kid to be appointed in a company’s board in Tokyo. He also wrote a book in the year named, ’15-year-old CEO’ which became a massive hit with massive sales and massive response to the release in Japan.

The business history of Teenage Millionaire Cameron Johnson

2004 – TrueLoot.com
2003 – KazaaGator
2002 – ChooseYourPrize.com
2001 – Zablo.com
2000 – SurfingPrizes.com
1999 – EmazingSites
1998 – MyEZMail.com
1997 – Cheers and Tears Beanie Wholesale
1994 – Cheers and Tears Printing Co.

Cameron’s Secret

Cameron reported being dyslexic since school days. His dyslexia pushed him towards finding ways to earn an income. He wanted to make a lot but never imagined he would earn his first million before 18 years of age. He invests a lot in travelling since he believes that there is a lot to learn from every city.

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