teen suicide

Teen Suicide – Raise Your Voice

“Mom, what’s teen suicide?”

“What? Why are you asking this? This has nothing to do with you.”

“Dad, what does it mean to commit suicide?”

“What are you talking about? Don’t ask such absurd questions and concentrate on your studies”.

These are the answers you end up with every time you ask a question about suicide.

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. It is one of the most acute and chronic topics of the western world in the need for immediate attention. Nevertheless, these questions are unattended and unheard. Every 3rd person thinks about committing suicide every day. Suicide rates have increased in the past 45 years by 60% and yet each time a child asks about this, he is left unanswered. 79% of global suicide include the death of youth, teenagers and young adults. People tend to avoid and ignore this topic whereas our future generation needs to be acquainted with this.

Most victims suffer from mental and emotional issues. They are not only limited to depression and anxiety but much more consequential topics such as:

1. Bullying – Victims of ragging and bullying go through chronic mental and emotional issues. This leads them to make catastrophic decisions such as ending their own lives. 

2. Helplessness- Losing someone close or not being able to cope causes helplessness among young, growing minds.

3. Recognition- The age of social media and the internet has made youth feel the need to be acknowledged and appreciated on social media by friends and trolls. Consequently, Not hearing the notification bells causes them to doubt themselves and can emotionally disturb them. This is among the leading causes of suicide among the youth along with addiction and psychological needs. It is important to bring such issues to the attention of the authorities and parents. It helps affected minds to cope and learn to turn their wounds into wisdom.

Don’t shy away from the topic of teen suicide. Acknowledging them is the need of the hour and the responsibility of every individual.