Jack Bloomfield created his first company at just 12 and now, at 17 and in his final year of school, Brisbane’s Jack Bloomfield is one of the nation’s youngest and most successful entrepreneurs. Picture: Supplied

Jack Bloomfield Teenage Millionaire Dropshipping Expert

Jack Bloomfield

Jack Bloomfield is a young entrepreneur and the talk of all entrepreneurial magazines of the business world. He is the most budding entrepreneur who at his age, is also the youngest millionaire. Jack Bloomfield being a teenager and a successful entrepreneur, is the talk of the business world is famous as the Teenpreneur. Jack Bloomfield is the richest Teenpreneur out there who is an ordinary person with extraordinary dreams. He is a 16-year-old entrepreneur who is leading the e-commerce business successfully. He has conquered the e-commerce industry is a very tender age of 16 which has got this fame and name.

The beginning

It all started when Jack Bloomfield was in at a very tender age of 7. The journey began with an idea. Jack was interested in doing business from a very young age. At the age of 7, he told his father his business plans. Jack has been very much interested in business and always saw himself as an entrepreneur from the very beginning. His parents have been supportive throughout the journey. Age was always a factor which was used by his relatives and peers to stop him from dreaming big.

A tender age could stop him and become a significant obstacle in his business journey, which haunted him to some extent. But Jack had a fire in himself. Rather than thinking about age as an obstacle, he took it as an advantage and always thought this age factor would take him places. He was always interested in business, but when he was introduced to E-commerce, he knew this was his field of interests. From day 1.Jack has been liking the concept of E-commerce and also looked upon it as an opportunity to live his business dreams.

At the age of 12, he started with his business career. He made an app named Next Gifts which he made by investing 500 Australia dollars. Jack’s initial investment was a cumulated by the sale of lolly bags made by him at his parents’ tennis centre. Through this app, the users were able to create virtual cards and send them physically through the post to their loved ones. A year later, at the age of 13, he built an app named Bluehealth. He created this app with his earning from Next Gifts his first app. The Bluehealth app allowed patients and doctors to keep track of health reports at one place. At the age of 14, Jack realized this wasn’t enough. He began exploring and started side hustles and engaged in Forex Trading, which taught him valuable skills like people management, finances and data.

The Journey

Jack, with his side hustles and exploring different things, made a few thousand dollars. At the age of 15, he got his big break as he got into the field of e-commerce. Jack started by selling carbon fibre money clips. His business started booming with his adoption of ‘drop shipping’. Dropshipping eases many expenses on storing of inventory as the retailer doesn’t have to store goods, rather the order and details are passed on to another retailer or manufacturer itself who delivers the goods directly to the customer. He got this idea from watching a YouTube video. Currently, he owns Six e-commerce sites at the age of 16 and manages them single-handedly. 

His routine

Jack has a tough time managing business at the age of 16 as of 11th grader. He has to manage his school as well as his business that too single-handedly. He wakes up at 5:15 am and does push-ups for 15 minutes. Post which Jack gets ready for school and reads Be obsessed or be average by ‘Grant Cardones’. After that, he leaves for school at 6 am. He comes back home at 3 pm and indulges in activities like sports, completion of School Homework etc. His parents always worry about his grades, so he first completes his homework once he is back home. After dinner, he logs into his account and manages his business. He works late at night and gives the required time to his dream business

Current status

Jack makes a lot from his e-commerce business but doesn’t reveal the exact revenues generated. He says he earns revenues that made him a Millionaire. He is currently expecting to earn more in the coming months and years and still looking for more investment opportunities.