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Fraser Doherty Superjam

From selling Jam to becoming a millionaire -Fraser Doherty

Fraser Doherty is one of the most famous entrepreneurs and a teenage millionaire. He started his journey at a very young age, with just a simple yet effective idea of selling Jam. Fraser is the founder of Superjam, Envelop Coffee and co-founder of Beer52. He started his journey with Superjam when he was just 14 years old. Fraser believes that when passion is blended with love and hard work, it turns out into something amazing. He is also known as the Jamboy and got famous by this name. Fraser has also invested in many charitable projects. He has built an empire with his idea which he got in a very tender age of 14 years. 

Fraser Doherty Super Jam
Fraser Doherty Superjam

The Beginning of the Super Jam

Fraser started his career at the tender age of 14 from his kitchen. When he was taught the process of making Jam at home by his grandmother, he decided to encash this teaching and came up with the idea of making Jam from 100% fruits in the proportion.

He then started making Jam at selling it in a small network in his neighbourhood, farmers market and local shops. There was no set back in this small scale distribution which started growing further. It then became his Dream to take his Jam to big supermarket chains. He then, with his determination, decided to approach the biggest supermarket chain Waitrose. He asked his dad to drive him to Waitrose, and not only this. Fraser borrowed his father’s suit, which was approximately four times bigger for him. He first had to bear a ‘no’ from Waitrose.

Hearing a no from it was very disheartening for him, and he also thought of giving up. He said he was also given feedback that every first idea is rejected. He was advised that he should modify his idea from the feedback received and not resort on giving up. This gave him the strength to fight everything and defeat the odds of life.

At first, Fraser had to face a lot of monetary issues. Not having enough money for investment in his business was the biggest challenge for him. He somehow convinced a design agency to create the brand ‘Superjam’ at quite cheaper rates. The design agency had confidence in Fraser’s idea and knew it would reach heights so they agreed to provide Fraser with designing of the brand at cheaper rates since they will have a share and earn returns from Suoerjam due to its success. After approaching Waitrose for 5-6 times, they eventually agreed upon his idea and decided to store and ‘Superjam’ all over the UK. 

The Journey

Superjam and Fraser for both of them, Sky was the limit since his idea was returning him all the efforts he made, and people all over the globe recognize this brand and Fraser was also covered in the news and various magazines by the name, the ‘JamBoy’. If anyone doesn’t know Fraser, they surely know him by the tile, the ‘JamBoy’. Superjam fetched high returns from the market, but eventually, from the peak stage, it was slanting towards the wrapping up the stage. Luckily some Korean Entrepreneurs had come to know about Superjam. They reached out to Fraser and called for some samples.

At first, they ordered a few hundred samples, then a few thousand bottles and eventually ordered 20,000 bottles. He was also called on a Korean show named ‘Answer to Martha Stewart which was a home TV shopping show. He had to learn Korean for that show since he was required to speak in the Korean language. Fraser practised for months and memorized the line which he had to say. But it didn’t work out since he memorized the answers in order wise, but the questions weren’t asked in a particular order, so he was replaced with cardboard which reflected his image. Though the show was a disappointment for him that didn’t affect the market revenue, which Superjam fetched in Korean markets.

Soon South Korea became Superjam’s biggest market with thousands of bottles sold every year. Japan didn’t stay back from covering Fraser’s journey and made a TV drama based on his journey. After this, he got many calls from different places to give motivational speeches at Business Conferences and Universities.

After a few years, his focus shifted from his jam business, and he got in touch with a fellow Scottish Entrepreneur and eventually became the co-founder of Beer52. Beer52 is his current area of business along with his books release and motivational speeches. 

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