IIM Udaipur’s Audacity

Udaipur is a city of royals and royalty. It’s known for its palaces and forts. IIM Udaipur by name itself gives a sense of royalty. Students from all over India and the world come to study in this institution. For a royal event like Audacity no better place like IIM Udaipur can increase the royalty of the city.
IIM Udaipur, is one of the fastest growing B-school in the country and has already taken up its place among the global B-schools with the AACSB accreditation, becoming the youngest B-school in the country to achieve this feat. Audacity seeks to match the pace of the institute in all its glory.
An experience like none other, in the city of Lakes, which is a world famous destination in itself. The beauty of the city, coupled with an amazing campus in making is set to dazzle you with its ambiance.
Audacity, the Annual Cultural festival of IIM Udaipur, was started with an idea, an idea to provide its audience with one of the most unique experiences. Like all ideas are seeded with a vision to set forward an example for any institution following the same road.

This flagship cultural extravaganza of IIM Udaipur, is the most anticipated festival of Rajasthan. It’s a two day festival filled with nothing but a sight to offer to the sore eyes.
Audacity 2018’s success was just a stepping stone towards what came out to be the finest work and an experience to the 5th edition of Audacity, 2019.
The theme for this year was ‘An Indian Ecstasy’. There were fun, eye catching events such as Prom night, flash mob, musical events, etc. to promote the festival.
The event had a massive number not only in the size of the audience, but also the size of the events executed and excelled by all the hard work put on by the event managers and the whole crew of Audacity 2019. Everyone in the event gave their best in proving their worth and dedication towards making this festival what it resulted to be.
The festival had a bunch of acts. Like the EDM duo, Zephyrtone. The famous band, Indian Ocean also played for about an hour at the festival leaving the crowd with smiles and mesmerized expressions.
There were events where the participants can showcase their talents in unique mannerism. The spectrum of the entire festival reaches a complete different level when the crowd joins in and starts to have fun among with the artists.
The eye-catcher this year was Jubin Nautiyal who swayed the audience on his beats with his romantic heartfelt numbers. On a chilly winter evening Jubin Nautiyal left the audience spellbound with his mesmerising performance. The chill in the air was soon overcome with the heat of the performance that the group had on offer.

The festival was visually appealing and it unleashed everyone’s free spirit. From those laughing fits, giggles, beaming smiles to celebrating the festival as one, sharing our thoughts and little dances of their own, it was a complete package of a beautiful festival.

Every version of Audacity has been an exponential growth over the previous version. The whole batch comes together to pull off an event with this big of a scale, nationwide. Smiling faces, enthusiastic performances, awe-struck moments, Audacity is THE place to experience it all.
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