BITS Hyderabad E -Summit

BITS Pilani – Hyderabad Campus is an esteemed privately-run institution which is one of the three campuses of BITS (short for Birla Institute of Technology and Science). Based around it motto, ‘Gyanam Paraman Balam’ which means ‘Knowledge is Supreme Power,’ the students here epitomize this ideology across various domains of sciences and technology, developing themselves and learning skills and lessons and using them to craft solutions to problems we face in our day to day lives. The learning here isn’t strictly restricted to stuff the students learn from their lecturers. Several student-run clubs and projects along with the college’s ties with various part of the industry help felicitate learning and fulfill the students’ hunt for knowledge with new and paradigm-shifting ways to learn new things.
Launchpad, organized by the Entrepreneurship cell of the college was one such event in its third iteration this year, with its chief purpose being to help bridge the gap between students and the market & industry all while empowering the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst them. Keynote speakers who were veterans from the industry included entrepreneurs, founders, VCs, and other eminent figures helped introduce the students to the workings of the start-up ecosystem and helping them find their way in the start-up society while teaching them the importance of having a network despite the fierce competition. The E-summit, hosted 2B plan competitions, a start-up expo, an internship drive, informative talks as mentioned above and networking sessions to help students create a community of startups.
Competitions aren’t limited to procuring the most funds. The quality of the event depends on other factors like the talent associated with the behind the scenes of the event, the audio-video, and other arrangements and the performers, hosts, and others in the foreground of the event.

Book This Event was able to get Zebronics as a sponsor for the BITS E-SUMMIT. We provided an engaging experience to the audience that lives and breathes entertainment and is acquainted with new technology.

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