Best Quotes Of Sant Dhyaneshwar

Sant Dhyaneshwar was a Marathi poet of the 13th century. Though his life was of only 21 years, he authored many literary works like Dhyaneshwari and Amrutanubhav. His ideas reflect on the oneness of Vishnu and Shiva. He emphasized mostly on Yoga.

He has written many quotes which can completely relate to our daily lives.
“When sleep comes to an end, a man returns to his senses.
Now my individuality has come to an end, and I have returned to Shiva and Shakti.”
In this quote, Dhyaneshwar has compared our sleep with identity and our senses with the oneness of Shiva and Shakti.

“Out of Supreme love, they swallow up each other
But separate again for the joy of being two.”

In this quote, he puts the essence of true love wherein the two bodies become one because of love, but again separate to gain the joy of love.

“Through her, the absolute Void became the primal Person (Purusha);
And She derived Her existence from Her Lord.”
Here, Sant says that she got her identity from nothingness (shunya) through him. He is the reason for her existence.

“Reigning in your mind, God has appeared in your heart. Now with his omnipresence, there is no emptiness.”
Sant says that God has made his place in you from your mind to your heart. Now his presence is everywhere, and you can always feel him. There will be no loneliness or emptiness. He’ll always be there for you.

Dhyaneshwar’s sharp thoughts and spiritual egalitarianism have shaped the minds of the people entirely. His writings have developed the way of our thinking and our lives.

Written by Riya