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Selena Gomez – Biography

The Biography of Selena Gomez

Book This Event brings you the biography of Selena Gomez. Once upon a time, a little girl was born in Grand Paire, Texas on 22 July 1992. Being a star was her destiny. Born to her actress mother Amanda Mandy Dawn Teefy and Richardo Joel Gomez, her very first success was to be the cutest kid. However, her childhood was not all about happiness and merry times; she faced a lot of struggles at a very young age of just 4. She saw her parents fight each day. Little Selena didn’t quite understand what was happening in her world. Suddenly one day she just realized the man whom she called her dad was no more living them.

Selena felt confused, depressed like any other kid of her age. The youngster named after the famous Tejano singer was raised by her single mum who had her when she was just 16. The time was pretty hard for Selena. She distanced herself from her mother, mainly blaming her for the separation. She desperately wanted a family. The second blow came after a short time when she turned eight. Amanda was marrying Brian. It was difficult for her to accept so many changes suddenly.

Her stepfather, Brian, was to be a part of her family she couldn’t decide what to think. Selena realized how happy her mom was, during this period. It was this instance that she knew what was important and how hard she has been on Amanda. She recalls Amanda having three jobs and taking care of her every single day, so much hard work she put in for her. The singer realized how much her mother loved her. Selena has two younger half-sisters –Gracie and Victoria. In addition, she earned her high school diploma through homeschooling in May 2010.

Biography of Selena Gomez – Career Graph 

As she grew up, Selena watched her mother do theatre and was particularly amazed by the industry. One day when Selena was 11 years old, her mom decided to take her to audition for Barney and friends. And just like that without any acting school or anything, she got the role in the show! She and Demi Lovato shared screens at the show for 13 episodes during 2002-2004 as Gianna. It was just the beginning of her career, 11 years old Selena turned the heads of the Disney productions with her audition.

Reporters asked Selena about her job. Her simple answer was, “Yeah, I mean like I’m ought to be popular you know, apart from college I’ll have my singing, and acting career and I’m so very much confident and talented”. Selena then kicked off her film career appearing in Spy kids 3D (2003). She appeared in “Brain Zapped”,” Walker, Texas Ranger” (2015),” House Broken “and loads of other projects. It was in the movie “Spring break” that Hollywood fame gathered a vast number of fans.

She appeared on the famous teen show “Hannah Montana” for three episodes as Mikayla. Selena got her breakthrough in “Wizards of Waverly Places” as Alexa Russo during this time. She appeared in the movie “Princess Protection Program” during this time. Adding to it, she moved to Hollywood with her mother while she continued making the Disney dollars.

Everyone called Selena “Disney’s favourite child “. After her hit show, Selena moved to takeover her music career. She formed her band “Selena and the Scene” and recorded three albums together from 2009-11. Her “Stars Dance” was her debut studio album that put her up in the pop singer chart and not just any Disney chick. In 2015 she killed it with her pop career with Zedd. She came up with her second studio album “Revival”; it was a massive year in her career.

She also worked with Victoria’s Secret. She has also worked for several charities and is an enormous member of the UNICEF. In 2016 she had three big movies. She has her clothing line since 17, “Dream Out Loud”. Selena founded “July Moon Productions”. Moreover, she is the executive producer of “13 reasons Why” since 2017. Selena worked on some later hit projects. Some of them are Stand-alone singles and Rare.

Biography of Selena Gomez -Friendships in her Life

“Get yourself a friend like Selena”, we have seen a lot of celebrities forming and breaking the bond in the industry, but Selena turned out to be a friend keeper. Her first best friend was Demi Lovato. The star is also the best friend of the famous TT. Selena is often found shopping, cooking, late night chatting with her best friend Taylor Swift. The duo is also each other’s support in every other award show. They have the “Lonely Club”. 

Relationships and Partners

Selena’s first kiss was on TV with Dylan Sprouse! 

Selena kissed someone named “Juan” when she was 14. This was her first real-life kiss.

Selena dated Nick Jonas in 2008. 

She also dated Justin Bieber from 2010.

People rumoured that Selena and the Twilight star Taylor Lautner were together. They dated The Weekend from January 2017 till they called it quit in October 2017.

JELENA! The heartbreak

The first time Selena appeared at the Ellen Show on 22 September 2010, Ellen asked her how can she manage to balance her work life as well as boyfriend Justin Bieber to which the star gave the reply – “What ?! No way, he’s so little; he rumoured my little brother”. The next time as the famous Ellen does, told her “Okay, so now you date your little brother?” It was during the Vanity Fair Oscar party 2011 that the couple went public.

However, her love life wasn’t at all what’s he expected it to be but turned out to be a source of constant mental abuse. In December 2010 she started dating Justin Bieber. After separating in November 2013, they reconciled a few weeks later before separating again in January 2013. They then combined for a few months in each of 2013, 2014 and 2015. Late in 2017 they still got back together and broke up in March 2018. They were in an on and off relationship for eight years, after which the couple quit altogether. It was a tough time for the fans as well as for Selena herself.

Justin Bieber got engaged to Hailey Baldwin. This happened only a few months after their break up in 2018. It was shocking to everyone, but Selena kept quiet and gracefully went through this phase and emerged stronger than ever. In fact, in an instance when Hailey was trolled for some misunderstandings, Selena stood up for the celebrity.

But, sadly with it came the end of “Jelena”. On the positive side, their heartbreak created some of the best songs ever released like “The heart wants what it wants”. The star still supports Justin and says she will always be happy for his successes and happiness. Justin says while they grew up, they grew apart, but things they shared will always be close to him.

Biography of Selena Gomez – The Kidney Transplant

Doctors diagnosed Selena with the deadly “Lupus” in early 2014. She withdrew from public events and social networks. The actress and friend Francia Raisa donated a kidney. During the transplant in 2017, Selena broke an artery. Another surgery was done to build a new highway using a vein from her leg. Selena also took a break after that to focus on her mental health. But good news! She’s finally back with a bang and happy.

Selena Gomez is one of the most recognized faces in Hollywood with so much talent, versatility and kindness. We hope to see the gorgeous celebrity in many more projects!

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