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Jonathan Kwok (A Billionaire at just 30)

Did you know that just one per cent of the world population is wealthy and holds over 45 per cent of the world’s wealth, astonishing as a fact “yes”, but the most essential thing to note over here is to learn about them and understand how they think, cause just by reading about such people can have an impact over your lives, and help you motivate yourselves to achieve such goals.One such person today you are is Jonathan Kwok. We bring you the story of a 30-year-old guy who is one of the wealthiest man on earth today.  

The Beginning of Jonathan Kwok

We don’t know if you’ve heard the name of Walter Kwok, but his company has made a name in the real estate market. The Sun Hung Kai Properties or SHKP is the second most valuable real estate company in the world. It is something to be impressed about as it employs more than 38,000 people and has in-house expertise in land acquisition, architecture, construction, engineering and property management.

But unfortunately, he was ousted from the company due to a kidnapping incident which affected his mental health severely along with his personal life. After the death of Walter Kwok at the age of 68 in the year 2018, his legacy was passed to the two of his sons Jonathan and Geoffrey Kwok.

Jonathan Kwok completed his Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in Hospitality, management and administration. He had a keen interest in the world of business and administration which made him take part in the family business, which later on grew to be very big.

The journey till now

Jonathan and his brother inherited the Empire Group Holdings. Their father had started after being ousted from SHKP, along with a direct stake in the SHKP. Being a beneficiary of one-third of five large family trusts of their grandmother, Jonathan has raised a total of 2.5 billion dollars profit overall at just the age of 30. And if you thought that getting married till 30 was your goal, then you must think again.

Well, he has a pretty impressive background until now, but it only gets more impressive ahead. He is on the 916th position on the Forbes list for billionaires, and now he also plans to fulfil his father’s wish to build a new hotel which he envisioned. The good part is that the hotel may open until the year 2023 and will only go on to increase his worth.

And so it goes on

Jonathan Kwok can be an inspiration to many due to his dedication to push his boundaries and achieve the spot on the list of youngest millionaires out there. Along with that, he never forgot his roots. He is extremely grateful to his father Walter Kwok, who played a significant role in creating the man Jonathan Kwok who we know and are reading about today.

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