Gustav Magnar Witzoe
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Gustav Magnar Witzoe (A Young Billionaire)

Gustav Magnar Witzoe was born on February 8, 1993, in Froya. He is a  billionaire from Norway and a shareholder of a salmon fish farming company Salmar ASA, which was given by his father who is the owner of the company. He is one of the youngest billionaires in the world.

Early life

Witzoe was born in Froya, Trondelag. His parents  were Gustav and OddnyWitzoe . His father was the founder of the SalMar which is the world’s largest producer of farmed salmon. It has a stake in Scottish Sea Farms which is UK’s second largest salmon farmer.  We don’t know much about his early life. Witzoe he spent 2 weeks in prison for crossing speed limits when he was 19.

Personal life

He is a lover of high fashion and is often seen at Norway’s many fashion shows. His Instagram account hints he’s also a keen traveller and dog lover, regularly posting snaps of his beloved Staffordshire bull terrier. In addition to this, he also appears to enjoy golfing, skiing, sailing and other outdoor pursuits.

His tattoo says, “My real heroes” , It refers to his parents on his arms and is extremely close to them. The 26-year-old boasts a 110,000-strong following on Instagram and regularly shares professional modelling shots on the platform as well as happy snaps taken from exotic locations around the world, including Dubai, New York and London.

Career of Gustav Magnar Witzoe

In 2013, Witzoe’s father transferred 47% of the company to him to allegedly avoid a large inheritance tax bill. He instantly became the world’s youngest male billionaire and overall 3rd youngest billionaire  right after the Andreson sisters ,instantly. Witzoe has involved himself with the family business. He worked as a milker at SalMar’s fish farms in Froya. As of October 2019, his net worth was $2.7 billion.

While Witzoe has some involvement in Salmar — his Instagram account shows he has attended board meetings in the past — he told local newspaper Dagbladet in a lengthy profile last June he was in no rush to take over the company.  “You can’t just demand to be the boss of such a big organisation,” he told the publication, as translated by Business Insider.

“You have to be suited to it. If there are alternatives, the best man or woman must get the job. There is so much at stake — values, jobs, crucial factors.”

He also opened up about his parents’ regret over thrusting him into the spotlight at such a tender age. “They believe they should have taken more time to think it over,” he said. “That’s due probably to my being shoved out into the public limelight. It was very strange at first. It makes you a bit nervous about what people think.”

Witzoe has also invested in tech start-ups and real estate over the years, and previously worked for MGM Property. Witzoe is also a technology startup and property investor. He previously worked for MGM Property, and has invested in both Snapchat rival Gopi and Keybutler, an app which helps Airbnb hosts.

Gustav Magnar Witzoe initially scored a professional contract with Norway’s leading model agency Team Models, and is now on the books of international agency Next Models Worldwide.

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