Ways to grow Aquarium Plants

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When you don’t have space for planting a garden, an underwater garden is your rescue. Yes! Creating an aquarium with your style and building it from scratch is exciting and rewarding. From aquascapes to the different types of plants to choose from for the aquarium, you have so many cool things to try. Let us discuss the essentials in detail:

The most important that is to be done is selecting the best substrate for your plants. Not too rigid and nor too large or small, just the perfect type suiting the plant. Adequate space, sufficient support, and removal of toxins and chemicals will cultivate them nicely.

Crucial for greenery growth are these nutrients and minerals. Plants rooted with the substrate or anchored with small rocks or floating over the line need to have it all. The consumption varies from plant to plant. Other substances like oxygen, carbon dioxide, potassium, and a few others are crucial for survival. You also need to replenish the water with nutrients as past few months, nutrient content would run out.

Dechlorinated water should be preferred. A water softener or hardness regulator is a compulsion. An ideal level of pH that is between 6.5 to 7.5 should be maintained. The right water filtration unit can be helpful. Toxins like nitrates, ammonia, and chlorine aren’t favorable for aquarium plants.

Differing needs of the plant that you are growing should be kept in mind. The tropical plants you are going to get for the freshwater aquarium won’t be able to survive in the cold. According to the place of your residence, get a heater, or change water frequently. The natural habit is 20 to 30 degree Celsius. Work according to the necessity.

Photosynthesis is an essential process for any plant, and without illumination, there are no chances of it taking place. In general, a majority of plants need medium lighting for 12 to 16 hours per day. Bottom dwellers and some floating ones survive even in minimal lighting. So at any rate, good light is an essential concern for proper growth.

So before you get started with planting or growing aquarium plants, research over the different parameters the plants are going to need for survival.

The types of plants used in the aquarium are:

Rooted plants
The variations seen in rooted plants are unparalleled. Mostly used for background planting, they spread from runners rather than seeds. A growth of 8 to 12 inches is seen in general in these rooted plants and have the most popularity from their world. Vallisneria, Sword plant, Cabomba, the mentioned ones are easy to find and grow.

Bunch plants
As the name suggests, they are grown in bunches and groups. They need a lot of lighting or sunlight. A small anchor is a great help for their growth. They reproduce rapidly, and these fast growing plants are excellent for the start phase of the aquarium. Anacharis, Ambulia, Bacopa australis are some names of the species.

Floating plants
Seeing them float brings joy and smile. They grow roots but do not need anchoring. Light is the key to their growth. More light, faster hike. But stay alert because they can suppress the growth of other plants growing there. Crystalwort, Duckweed, Water lettuce, Java moss are some fantastic floating plants.

Some Tips to Maintain Aquarium Plants:

  1. Prune the plants because their outgrowths can damage them. As most plants grow quickly so this should be taken care of.
  2. Maintain the health of the tank and clean the water on a frequent basis. Remove algae and take care of the gravel and substrate.
  3. Add liquid fertilizers preferably, or carbon dioxide pumps can add up to the extra effort, and the plants can gain up health and speed.

With all the way, tips and benefits of growing aquarium plants, wouldn’t you wanna give it a try?

Written by Jaya

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