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Extending values beyond the classroom

College is not just a word, it’s an emotion. It’s a place where everyone learns new things, new experiences. College life is really an upgrade to our otherwise dull lives. It nurtures our skills and our future too.

Vivekananda Institute of Technology Jaipur (VIT-J) takes pride in its vibrant campus – a place where aspirations to learn technologies and management skills are achieved; a place where dreams to become successful professionals are realized. Learning is ‘fun’ at Vivekananda Institute of Technology, Jaipur, as students and faculty members get together to make a difference through persevering and achieving intellectual satisfaction. We emphasize the motto “Learning to Learn”, during the students’ sojourn here, when ‘learning’ becomes a lifelong practice. Vivekananda Institute of Technology Jaipur stands out with its core strengths – students, alumni, faculty, pedagogy, innovation, research, consultancy, and links to industry and premier institutes.

Several prestigious international and national awards garnered by students and faculty epitomizes Vivekananda Institute of Technology Jaipur as an eminent engineering institute. The unique ‘Innovation Hub’ & Robotics Lab on campus, the first of its kind in North India, imbibes design thinking, where students experiment with ideas and build prototypes. Over the years, students have worked and created several useful products and solutions addressing the pain-points of society.

College placements
Placements at Vivekananda Institute of technology are closely linked to your employable profile, which has several additional requirements besides good academic achievements.
Over 2313+ placements and 462+ corporate -2012 to 2019
Courses offered:
*B. Tech, Diploma.
In streams like

  • Civil engineering
  • Computer science engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronics and communication engineering

Fee structure

Festivals celebrated in Vit include Diwali and Holi where every individual takes part in happiness and celebrates it with each other.

  • Pratishtha = it is the national sports fest where teams from inter colleges and clubs participate in different sports and win the trophies.
  • Panache = panache is the techno and cultural fest like the annual day.
  • Computatia = in computatia, research papers, paper presentations, speeches, posters are submitted and papers are published in international journals.
  • Ncc day = national cadets corps
  • Vivekotsav = every club members celebrate their success in this day, every club put stalls.
  • Fresh chill = the welcoming of the freshers.
  • Robotron
  • And many more

There are several clubs in VIT where students learn new skills and technologies.

  • Toastmasters club = this is the club where the member of this club give speeches on the district, division level and represents the college in public speaking. It promises to develop leadership skills.
  • Vssa club
  • Vcta club = vivek cultural and techno association club
  • R&d cell = reaseach and development cell
  • Decollers
  • Ncc = national cadets corps
  • E-cell = entrepreneurship cell and club

Facilities in VIT-J:

  • Hostels (girls and boys)
  • 24 hrs wifi
  • Atm
  • Transport facilities
  • Medical center
  • Sports
  • Canteen
  • Gym
  • Library
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Labs
  • Convenience stores
  • Guest rooms

Here in VIT campus everything you do is a part of learning. The campus is full of greenery.
The outreached programs like Incubation, Mitsubishi industrial robotics center, skill development courses, corporate social responsibility adds value to the campus.

Mission and vision of the campus:
To create and continuously upgrade academic infrastructure; to continuously improve the teaching-learning process; to develop & maintain effective pedagogy.
Build and develop the institute as a center of excellence for creating & crafting well-rounded techno-managers having competencies in consonance with the contemporary and future global needs respectively.

-Written by Mahima

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