It has already been a whirlwind. As with the rocky evolution of society’s cultural and political climate, makeup trends also ebb and flow. Some trends transcend time, while others are more fleeting. Since the past few decades we’ve seen a massive revolution in makeup and it has been a huge part of our beauty and fashion standards and the reason why every celebrity and public figure tries to bring their ‘A’ game when it comes to makeup.

Well-known names such as James Charles, Kylie Jenner, and many other makeup gurus and artists who have been pushing the boundaries of standard makeup, convince us that makeup is not just plain eye shadows and lipsticks but a lot more and here are top ten makeup trends with a splash of glitter and bright hues that’ll change the makeup game this year.

1. Bold colors

This summer, drop the neutral palette and switch to pop colors. Start with neon eyes and test with bold liners and colorful mascara. Breuchaud, who masterfully executed this trend using smoky red eye shadow on Lili Reinhart at the 2019 Golden Globes or using electric blue eyeliner or mascara, a pop of tangerine or vermilion are some examples of the vivid colors that should help you make a bold move this year.

2. Monochromatic Makeup

A simple approach to makeup where the technique involves using similar shades on the face in different ways. Creating a monochromatic look is all about using the same shades and tones of color making sure that your eyes, lip, and cheeks mimic each other in a beautiful way. Use pink hues or warm brown shades on the lips, cheeks and lighter shades on the eyes to achieve this look.  Maalouf, who is responsible for such a stunning look on MadelainePetsch, is a proponent of trying this trend with pink-y shades.

3. Glow from within

Ever wondered about how the Koreans manage to get a glowing fresh face that belongs on the billboards? The answer is skipping full- coverage foundations and opting for sheer- coverage lighter foundation. Artists also suggest tinted moisturizer and good skin care routine and products achieve a natural glow. To keep your skin on one-hundred, Mann recommends investing in makeup products that double as skincare.  Using sunscreen products like Beauty counter with SPF, which provides coverage and is a great way to protect the skin. At the end of the day, achieving the radiant glow of your dreams is all about having a skin-first, makeup-second mindset. Vitamin C serum increases your cell turnover and minimizes hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. Hyaluronic acid also is great for hydrating the skin. Those two ingredients are a one-stop shop for a healthy glow.

4. Pink Eyes

This summer try the romantic duo of pink eyes with cherry bright lips which are a trend loved by artists and softer tones in the pink eye shadow palates is easier to wear than one would think. Try a matte or shimmery gradient texture like used on Rowan Blanchard. The idea of finishing it with a touch of superfine glitter on the center or inner corners of the lid for light-catching dimension.

5.Strong Brows

Breuchaud believes a strong brow is always in style, but we’ll be seeing them a lot more in 2019. Dark statement brows with perfect length, shape, and arch is a must achieve look on every celebrity list and a trendy look to try this year. Use Sarah Paulson’s perfect brows as an inspiration to achieve this strong look. 

6. Glitter Me Up

Sir John describes this year’s glitter trend as a slight departure from the ’80s disco trend; 2019’s will be a more haphazard, messy-but-cool looking way. Yes, undone-but-done, far-from-perfect makeup is a thing. Bring back this 80’s disco look in a cool trend with glitter on your eyes and lips for a futuristic and holographic look and add some effortless shine on your face and body. Try this on clean skin. Add a few faux freckles across the bridge of the nose and dab glitter on the center of the eyes to get the perfect subtle glitter look.

7. Pretty Pastels

If you prefer a more understated use of color, try pastel tones. This spring when the flowers bloom we’ll see light and airy shades everywhere with the use of pastel tones such as pale pink, baby blue or mint green and pairing it with a statement graphic liner to get a pumped-up look.

8. Bright Tinted Lip Balms

Get the best of both worlds with a bright tinted lip balm as you get ample of hydration with a dash of gorgeous color. Rely on this the whole year as they’ll become even more popular and save you from chapped lips.

9. Elongated Eyes

Try this iconic looks inspired from your favorite celebrities such as Amy Winehouse’s high winged eyeliner, Audrey Hepburn’s exaggerated kitten-eye makeup,   Brigitte Bardot’s thick, tapering liner wings, Sophia Loren’s barely seen liner wings or Deepika Padukone’s plain lower lash line and a wide wing on the lid and slay the elongated eye look. Breuchaud predicts this year will bring dramatic, elongated eye shadows in traditional liner shapes to the forefront.

10.Be you

The most important trend of all is wearing whatever makes you feel best and most comfortable. Trends are fun, but the best makeup always is a result of genuine and confident self-expression. Breuchaud says. Don’t be afraid to take a risk, try something new, and be yourself.

Bright and happy colors make a strong effect on your mood and apparently also on your makeup choices this year. This is the inspirational beauty look you should embrace and be most excited for. Some recurring style is spotted although, they are the biggest looks of this year so don’t shy away from bold choices and bright colors, make a statement and express your inner diva through this 10 makeup trends, looks, and skincare that is bound to leave everybody speechless.

~Written by Aayushi