The Sixth Sense

By just reading the title of the movie, you must be wondering it might have a psychological plot. Well, you are right, but wrong at the same time. The film is not based on any scientific theory. It is a supernatural horror-thriller released in 1999. Until 2017, this movie was the highest-grossing horror film. If you imagine some creepy ghosts in a luxury house after reading the word horror, then you are going to be surprised at its end. Because this movie is not horrifying by the looks of actors but by the depiction of the story.

Starring Bruce Willis as Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist in Philadelphia, the story revolves around how he teaches a child to live life. Haley Joey Osment plays the role of Cole Sear, who is a young boy living with his mother, Lynn Sear, played by Toni Colette.

The movie begins with Malcolm celebrating with his wife as he is awarded for his work. But the next moment, a man named Vincent shot him as he blames the doctor for his wrong diagnosis that ruined his life. The next scene shows the meeting of the doctor and the boy, Cole, in fall. Cole is always scared as he sees ghosts talking to him. Furthermore, they hurt him. When Cole tells his secret to Malcolm, he did not believe it at first. But when provided with evidence, Malcolm tries to help Cole escape from his fears. All his life, Cole has been running away from what he has the power to see. Malcolm teaches Cole to stop running and turn his curse into a blessing for others. He enlightens the innocent mind with strength and positivity. He guides him on a path to help the lost souls finish their unfinished business. If you think that this is the end, then you are wrong. This is the point when the twist comes. You will be blown away at the creativity of the scriptwriter. Apart from being a horror movie, it portrays the journey of a child from being scared to brave, from running away to standing up with courage. Alongside this, it also depicts the beautiful but complicated relationship between a parent and a child.

The writer and director of this film, Shyamalan is known for the twist in his endings. This movie has not only an excellent finish but also a fantastic direction. It is like the video speaks to you, and everything is happening in front of your eyes for real. The performance of the actors is commendable. It is truly a masterpiece in every sense. You can even call it a pure art. If you are a fan of thrillers and horror, then this is a must for you to watch.

Movie name – The Sixth Sense

Genre-Horror thriller