How to make money from YouTube (Updated 2020)

  • No wonder Youtubers make an ample amount of money from the YouTube platform, and it is fascinating to people, and having that eagerness to grab the formula for this is obvious to be seen. If you think that merely uploading videos would fetch you money, then you are wrong. There are many factors on which it is dependent. Taking advantage of the opportunities depending on the audience is crucial. 
  • YouTube search engine platform with loads of content to watch, be it educational, cultural, or standup. Earning the audience by creating content focused on teaching, entertaining, reviewing, mass appealing, and concentrate on the need of the hour of the viewers.
  • Close attention to the gender of the audience, if it skews over a particular group or generalizes. The age range that your audience falls into is essential because connecting the videos to mental and personal level goes high tide. This demographic insight works well for better understanding of the YouTube platform. 

 Here are some steps as to how one can make money from this powerful platform:

Create your Youtube channel

  • To start or set up one channel that can be found from various sites or Google.
  • It is the first and essential step that one needs to follow. First and foremost, you need to figure out your ‘thing’ and get your gear on the go. Find your niche that could be singing, fashion tips, teaching, cooking videos, comedy, or even food blogging. Strategizing the content for your channel is necessary, as uniqueness is the key for videos to go viral in a minimal period. Research, along with effort, will create the best combination. Content that is worth sharing has the potential to bring in more likes and eventually more followers to your channel.
  • To create YouTube account, go to

Youtube partner program

  • a definite revenue stream that one is going to follow after a channel creation is through exploring ads. Setting up for monetization once you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours over the past year can be done successfully. Youtube premium is a paid partnership program aiming the fans to watch their favorite content from their favorite content creators freely without clicking on ‘skip ads’ or getting irritated 15 seconds or being redirected somewhere else (haha). So if you’re wondering as to how money is earned if not from ads, then here is your answer. It is based on how much do the members watch the created content. Isn’t this secondary source a secret weapon to add on to ongoing earning.


  • The method is to connect to Google Adsense, which is basically an advertising system. Bidding for space on videos based on factors like audience or keyword typed is done. The number of impressions is the basis of the pay. Maybe initially, with a small channel, the payment could be for a few months, but eventually, with the growth of the channel, it would also increase.

Youtube SEO

  • The tools offered by YouTube is one of its kind for earning money. YouTube search filters clear the idea of what to make and what not to. This approach guide helps you with sorting related content, rating, and all sorts of data required to build up your channel. Tube toolbox is another tool for gathering information. Brandcast, SerpStat, Vidiq, Cyfe are some fantastic tools that every content creator should be well aware of for engaging the maximum audience and making the most out of their videos. 


  • It is the most popular and efficient way to make a fast buck. Sponsored deals with companies that pay for promoting their products in the videos help with a lump sum of cash from the company.
  • Media campaigning promotion and affiliated marketing for products
  • valuable information with the intended users and donation from users
  • Funding is sourcing donations from fans is another way to make money. Youtube’s Super Chat feature is super cool, which is used when live streaming happens. Donating as per your wish is all that is needed.


  • To different paths depending on the success rate can be taken into form. T-shirts, mugs, badges, vouchers, and meetups in the real world make the audience lured into their celebrity. Loyal fans getting involved and supporting is the smallest payment one can receive. 

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Story of a 17-year-old school dropout millionaire, Emma Chamberlain

A 17-year-old made it from living in San Francisco to owning a house in Los Angeles and having a net worth of approximately 2.5 million dollars, all of this just by making videos on YouTube. This Emma Chamberlain, aged 18 now, who not just won hearts of teenagers with her wit and sarcasm on her YouTube vlogs, she also has her own merch line and has collaborated with renowned YouTubers like James Charles, Dolan twins and many more.

Roadtrip yo Vegas, Emma Chamberlain

Emma’s Beginnings

Emma Chamberlain’s inspiring story starts not very long back, she made her first ever YouTube video in June 2017, where she filmed a video montage for an outfit she had worn. What made this video stand out was her witty editing skills which people found funny and relatable. In 2018, Emma moved to Los Angeles with her mother and has moved into two houses since then. She hasn’t gone to school for one class above tenth grade.

Here, she became friends with the controversial YouTuber James Charles and the Dolan twins and formed the famous sister squad. Normally, people who attain fame do not want to work more after a certain limit and Emma is definitely not one of them. She has worked on her video quality so much, that not only her content has gotten much better, but the kind of editing she does in all of her videos is amazing. Her popularity reached its peak when she got signed with the united talent agency. This is where she started her own merch/clothing brand called high key.


The stats of a person speak about them, so let me shoot in some stats real quick. Her social media engagement [amount of likes divided by the total amount of followers] is 25%, which is much her than world class celebrities like Kim Kadarshian [9%] and Selena Gomez [5%]. She won the Streamy Awards for breakout creator and got nominated for the creator of the year. She has also been a finalist for “YouTuber of the year”.

With height a little taller than 5 feet, but she is a giant when it comes to stats. She has also recently launched a podcast called stupid genius, which comes under the courtesy ramble, a podcast network. Here, she answers the most random of questions in the silliest way possible, just for laughs. She has also been a model for many famous photographers like Bryant and been to Coachella twice.

An Inspiration

Emma Chamberlain is an example for teenagers. One must keep looking for their talents and try to harness them. Spend more time on yourself at the present and keep investing your time in whatever you are good at. Emma wasn’t good at academics, but she found interest in another field and is making millions out of it now., to such an extent, that she doesn’t even need to attend school now. She’s singing deals with more and more people, and we hope to see her at a very high platform in the future. What we can learn from Emma is that; you can’t make a fish climb a tree, but you can certainly make it swim and it would swim miles.

~Written by Shruti

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