Steve Jobs (2015) – Movie Review

    This movie gives us a heads up into Steve’s vision about changing the Information Technology domain while challenging the industry Titans “IBM.” The writers have established an extra-ordinary script which has given the film impeccable dialogues to which Michael Fassbender showcased his quality acting &meted out-and-out towards Steve Jobs personality.

This a super-Sorkiny Aaron Sorkin script—brimming with the sort of well-planned humdingers and smart manners of expression that never jump out at us. Rogen gets the best line of all close to the end, one he levels at Jobs in a packed theatre before the 1998 iMac dispatch:”You can be decent and gifted at the same time. It’s not binary.” With hesitant excellence and puncturing understanding, it’s an idea that characterizes the whole film.

    The film includes Jobs’ old companion & Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak played with incredible knowledge and feeling by Seth Rogen. Macintosh CEO John Sculley, the one-time father figure who might pick up ignominy for in the end terminating Jobs; and Chrisann Brennan, Jobs’ ex and the mother of his little girl, Lisa, whom he since quite a while ago would not recognize as his or backing monetarily.

    While trying to unravel the life of one of the greatest inventors in the history of humankind, the movie is balanced between his behavior around humans & inventions rather than devoting complete attention towards his designs. The film revolves around 3 phases of Steve Jobs life:

  1.     Launch of “Macintosh” line of computers
  2.    Launch of the company “NeXT.”
  3.     Launch of the “iMac” line of computers

    The movie does not show the complete journey of Apple Computers & how Steve Jobs, along with Steve Wozniak, built the team that made Apple Computers. It instead begins at the launch of the Macintosh line of personal computers, which plays a critical role in the history of Apple Computers. This was the stage where Apple Computers destroyed Steve Jobs, but he rose like a phoenix from its ashes to be born again & start a new company called “NeXT”, which merely were the stepping stones of success for Apple Computers.

    We may never know why and how Steve Jobs became somebody who could, as Jobs put it, “put a dent in the universe”, and it appears as though individuals will continue offering their theories, regardless of whether they need to fudge the facts to demonstrate them. Be that as it may, whatever you consider Jobs or Apple items, it isn’t effortless to question the effect his reasoning has had on our lives. Regardless of what anybody says, thinks, or makes up about Steve Jobs, we are living later on that he imagined and brought into reality.

Movie- Steve Jobs

Genre- Biography