Manipal institute of technology

An incredible college experience

When I first landed in Manipal Institute of Technology, I couldn’t figure out how to categorize this place. Manipal was no bigger than my village. The high rising buildings, the commercial complexes around, the proximity of the location to some amazing geological structures and the ease of getting my official paperwork done, told the story of a
smoothly running hub of education for young adults that some of us can only dream about. But first, we’ll talk about the institution.

Quality Of Education

Upholding the general perception of Kannadigas, most of the professors at MIT are delightful and approachable. MIT has sprawling facilities for the 16 streams it provides. It is one of the first and the few colleges in India that offer a course in Mechatronics. The syllabus is based on the curriculum followed by the IITs.
Manipal Institute of Technology follows continuous comprehensive evaluation system with not one, but two sessional before the end semester exams. There also are enough number of assignments to keep the students engaged with their books all semester long. Fully computerized exams take place and grades don’t come easy at all!
MIT also boasts of one of the highest numbers of student-run clubs in engineering colleges in India. Activities, workshops, competitions, and entertainment abound all year long and are sure to transform a student.

Living Standards

The 8000 students of MIT live in a total of 23 hostel premises. There are both multi-storeyed apartments with aesthetic rooms and older buildings with lavish courtyards and rustic rooms. All amenities are present 24×7. Campus patrol is always around. There are check posts at every corner. Manipal Academy of Higher Education covers a greater part of Manipal, making the town a safe place for students in general.

Manipal has shopping malls, a huge selection of restaurants and a number of places for hanging out with friends. Every famous brand present in South India has an established entity here. Transportation services are available at every nook and cranny. A railway station is located 5 km away and the airport located in Mangalore is only 70 km away from the college.

Manipal has moderate living costs. The place is much cheaper compared to the metro cities, with the only exception being the Auto-rickshaw service. It’s not much of a problem though, as all places in Manipal are located within walking distances of each other.

Fee Structure

Like many other colleges in India, there are two categories of streams with tuition fees ranging from Rs 2,95,000 to 3,60,000 per annum as of 2019. The hostel fee, including mess fee, may range from Rs 89,000 to 2,00,000. Fee structure depends on the type of room and hostel block selected.

Student Life

Leave all your presumptions of South India aside when you enter Manipal. This college has the same (and very liberal) curfew for both boys’ and girls’ hostels. The campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled, although speed may pose a problem in some locations. The food here is certainly not floating on coconut scrapes as many “vadakkus” fear, rather, caters both to the north Indian and South Indian taste buds. While the street food scenario might be disappointing, Manipal has restaurants serving all sorts of amazing dishes. MIT hosts one college fest each year, the technical fest, Techtatva in the odd semester and cultural fest, Revels, in even semester.

This place is a burst of life in the odd semester when it rains cats and dogs. They say umbrella becomes the best friend of the residents, although I would add that the place is much more beautiful without it. Manipal lake located at the heart of the town. The waterfalls around the city wake up from their dormancy and are the best places to escape. The city of Udupi that surrounds Manipal is a temple city. The Konkan coast is 13 kilometers away. It’s hot and humid during even semester, leaving no excuse to not spend your time in the fully air-conditioned library or in the classes learning new skills in the after hours.

In the end, one has to remember that a place is only as good as the residents make it. It’s easy for people who have tasted freedom for the first time in their lives to slip occasionally, but that’s the beauty of this place. It allows you to make mistakes and learn from them. If you end up at MIT, make sure you keep doing things and make the best out of it.

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Written by Anupriya

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