List Of “Must Haves” For A Girl’s Purse Or Bag

The girls of this generation are always on the go. Be it school, be it college or work or anywhere else. We always find ourselves in separate places due to our spirit, independent nature and capability to strive on. With this liberty also comes a price. We often find ourselves in tensions while on the road. We deal with security problems due to our gender in the male-dominated society. We also feel the urge to stay representable at all times. Naturally as well, we need to look out for certain aspects. For maintaining this strict routine, needs and safety measure, we must carry certain items always while on the go. These are:

1. Sanitary napkins/tampons.

Whether it is that time of the month or not, we should always carry a sanitary napkin or tampon because the dates may get a bit irregular. And besides, we never know who might need it, and we can be of help. So always carry a pair in your luggage. Even if you know your little buddy isn’t gonna make an appearance for a couple of days/weeks, there is always a lady in distress out there that needs a pad.

2. Pocket-sized mirror.

We never know when our makeup gets removed or smudged, so it’s always good to carry a mirror for a quick makeup redoing and also in case the food gets stuck between your two front teeth. Every girl loves the mirror, so make sure you carry one for the spirit speaks. And also make sure your mirror is clean for you to apply a gloss or the liner.

3. Carry your ID

If you are driving a vehicle, make sure you carry your ids not to get harassed unnecessarily by the cops. And most of us know how annoying it is to go all the way to the club and realise you had to bring your ID. We girls always manage to look younger than makes the bouncers doubt our age so carry you I’d and check twice that you have added the item in your purse.

4. Portable charger

Phones are must for the safety through communication for every girl and we might fall in problem without charge. Portable chargers maybe just the lifesaver we need. Portable phone chargers can feel like literal lifesavers in times of need. And surely, there’s nothing worse than having a dead phone with absolutely zero ways of recharging it until you are back home at the end of the day!

5. Carry a snack 

Trust me when I say it I mean it, no matter whether you are on a diet or not you will feel relieved when you realised you have something to binge on inside your purse! PS – Girls need to eat. Working through lunch shouldn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s good to have a filling snack in your purse. For the dizzy moments that appear out of nowhere keep some candy or chocolates in your purse to give you an energy boost. 

6. Aspirin

Why does every woman need this in her bag/purse? For the moments when the migraine or cramps hit, she can take care of herself like a pro. We all know the number of headaches and cramps we got to deal with and having aspirin in your purse is very very necessary. It is often hard to get aspirins without prescription only getting it while at work, so keep several tablets handy to use. Along with it, it’s also good to carry some medicines for fever and stomach ache as well.

7. Mini hairbrush

Most girls have long, beautiful hairs. But those hairs quickly blows up in the wind and makes us look messy. A mini hairbrush may help you to doll up in seconds.

 Sometimes, hair doesn’t look as good throughout the day as it does in the morning. Keeping a small hairbrush in your bag is useful so you can touch up during the day and keep your hair looking nice and neat.

8. Some extra lip balm

It is very very important to carry some lip balm to moisturise your lips because any day can have a special moment, so be ever ready to hydrate your lips. No one ever likes chapped lips. And also you might not ever know when or who your next kiss will come from, so always be prepared!!

9. Mini makeup kit and mints

Makeup is essentials, and a small kit in your purse is always helpful. Have a mini makeup bag in your purse at all times to keep all your necessities in one place! It’s so easy to lose that lip gloss in your ocean of items swimming around that big, bottomless purse of yours. Fresh breath is always a must, and coffee breath doesn’t smell good on anyone. So always be prepared with gum or mints on hand. Mints are recommended for a fresh breath. And you’re ready in seconds for a surprise date or appointment. 

10. Pepper spray and a Swiss knife. 

No matter how hard we attempt to move for change, there no denying the fact that right now, we live in a world where men and women are treated differently. Whether we have the same voting rights, equal pay, or same civil liberties, females will always be seen as “weaker” than the male. The girls of our generation are independent but somehow lack security. It is high time we take care and protection of ourselves. Always, carry a Swiss knife and pepper spray that will help you flee from rapists, murderers, attackers, thieves or even mad street dogs!

So… what are you waiting for?! Hurry up, pack up your purse/bag if you lack any of the items. Trust me on this, and you will feel lucky to have read this when the items come of use. I’ll feel blessed to know that the girls are safe and beautiful with this item’s help. Also, make sure your items stored safely because they are of high values for every girl 😉 

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