valentine's day for long distance relationships
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Valentine’s Day for Long Distance Relationships


Hello there! Well if you have found your way to here, then you must be quiet eager and very excited about some love decisions to make. As we all know the perfect Day for your expression of love is none other than the age-old Valentine’s Day. Well, read about Valentine’s Day for Long Distance Relationships a little later. Before we get started, we must make sure we understand why and how this special Day comes to exist.

What exactly is Valentine’s Day?

This Day of love is also called as the Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. This Day originates from a Western Christian Feast day honouring one or two early saints named Valentinus. It is a celebration of romance in various regions around the world. There are stories of martyrdom related to this, including a written document from Saint Valentine of Rome himself who was imprisoned.

More About It…

The reason was that he performed weddings of soldiers who had obtained celibacy and for ministering to Christians persecuted under the Roman Empire. According to legend, the man restores sight to the blind daughter of the judge. He wrote a letter to her with the initials – ‘Your Valentine’ as a farewell before his execution. The Pope Gelasius I in AD 496 established the Feast and since that time onwards the Day is celebrated all over the world spreading and giving out wings to all kind of love.

Love is in the air…

It is impossible for any living being to not experience love in the course of the time of love. Each one of us has had or has a lover by their side. Not everyone gets to have their loved ones by their side in physical form always. They are often bound to separate places due to their circumstances like family, work etc. So, without any further delay, let’s get into the aspect of:

“How to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you are in a Long Distance Relationship”? 

1.   Send him/her a token of love.

During this time of the year, we often scratch our head in search of the perfect gift for our partners. Just because you are not there with them doesn’t mean you cannot send a present for the special Day. And also it isn’t that necessary for you to send something expensive. Remember your partner is unique, and all that matters are bits and pieces, tokens and tiny gestures to make them feel special. Send her something you both have memories with like a jar or a tee-shirt she spoiled crying on during movies, that’s special. And also I mean if you are rich do get her/him something Richie and shiny (I would like a handmade card or that shirt more though).

2.    Plan a surprise.

Nothing can please your partner across kilometres more than a cute surprise you planned. Print out your favourite pictures in Polaroid hang them on the wall with small light bulbs, write down some sweet memories on paper sprinkle out some rose petals or sunflowers, add some candles and shock them with cute clothes on and celebrate the Day through the screen.

3.    Have dinner through Skype.

TRUST ME WHEN I SAY FOOD HAS A WAY THROUGH LOVE! If you both love food, then it’s probably the best thing you can do on this Day. Plan it out through with your partner, decide the menu you both are going get, determine the theme, get a table for one both of you at home, light a candle( if that’s your thing )and Voila! Have your super tasty Valentine’s Day.

4.    Netflix and chill together.

Who said you can Netflix and chill only when together? 

No way, man, relax and fix that movie night now! If you and your lovey-dovey Valentine date are both lazy to do stuff, this by far is the best option for you. Put on some pyjamas, get a snack, a bottle beside you so that you don’t have to wake up, extension cord, charger, Laptop mobile and video call your partner and play that play button and start streaming. 

5.    Sext or have Video/Phone sex.

Being miles away from your partner, the hormones in your body seem to cry a lot every day. The only way to help calm them is to masturbate. None of us are unknown to the wonders of our body and especially if you both have been intimate. Then why not do it together? And also again if you haven’t stepped on that stone yet then what other better way to start, take that first step towards intimacy. Put on some sexy clothes (maybe tease a bit), play slow music and call it the best Valentines night.

6.    Visit them, plan.

No matter how hard the circumstances are, how busy you are, there’s always that one part of you that still longs to feel the touch of their loved ones. Take the Day off, Get a ticket and get your love to yourself for the Day. In the case of long-distance relationships, these few visits you have is what means the world to us. Plan your future, create decisions that may change your lives but get you both together. Do it on this special day.


“Distanced by kilometres united with love”, Loving someone isn’t that easy always you need to pass through hurdles and get challenged at times to get to your soul mate. Valentine’s Day is nothing but a day when you cherish and celebrate love. Honour the love you have or had. You are keeping the love in your heart wherever you go. I know being in a long-distance relationship is hard, but the phase will pass.

Valentine’s Day for Long Distance Relationships is always Special

You can learn a lot during this time the most crucial being – patience. These are the times when you find the real strength in your relationship when you understand your heightened emotions and your partner as well, use it to nurture your love and grow a beautiful tree.

So these were the tips on Valentine’s Day for Long Distance Relationships. And just so you know the tricks above are firsthand verified though. Try them you won’t regret it, and I didn’t.

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