Tips For First Date
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Tips For First Date

We live in an age and a day where dating has become very common, and nevertheless, it helps you understand someone before developing close bonds with that person. There are various types of dating, depending on what kind of relationship you are looking for. Let’s focus on some of the best tips for first date.

Dating mainly says that you are seeing somebody specific, with purpose or regularly. But most people couldn’t perform well on their first date, and of course, they didn’t get a second chance or either they leave a wrong impression in their partner’s mind.

How to find the best location or your first date?

When you are going to have your first date with someone, then try to find a place. With less rush and a quiet environment so that you both could have a great time and a good conversation. Choose with your partner’s taste as if he/she likes movies then choose the movie theatre. If your partner loves Nature, then fix the date on a picnic or in a public park, or else set the time in a restaurant or a coffee shop. Try to avoid the place where you got a lot of rush like discos, beach, DJ nights, clubs, etc. Until your partner insists on these places. Also, take care that everything should be perfect, the date, the location and even the food.

How to get dressed for the year?

Second and the most critical aspect of dating is how you dress up for your date. Well, it is something that matters a lot when you are with someone. So here are some tips for getting yourself dressed well.
(a) Have a proper shower clean your teeth thoroughly also use mouthwash so that your mouth smells good.
(b) Play some chill music that excites you up while you are dressing for a date that feels your mind free and comfortable.
(c) Your dressing style should depend according to the location of dating for instance-

  • If you are going on a picnic then try some loose outfits which give you comfort.
  • In case of a date in a coffee shop or a restaurant later than try leather jackets if the weather allows it.
  • For a date at the beach or a pool party then try shorts and a bright shirt or t-shirt.
  • Try different types of accessories like bracelets, watch, chains, necklaces, etc.
  • Use a mild deodorant with a long-lasting smell so that you won’t smell when you sweat which is common when you are a bit nervous on your first date.

How to behave on the first date?

This is one of the most important tips for your first date. Your behaviour describes you a lot. Your partner whom you are dating judges you by your behaviour, your personality, your dressing sense and of course with your body language.
So, here are some tips which you should remember:

  • Always remember who you are dating and why are you dating
  • Try to show up yourself in front of your partner but remember don’t be an egoist.
  • Mind your tone in front of your partner don’t use rough words to be gentle and polite.
  • Get some exciting topics to discuss so that you both don’t get bored.
  • Charge your phone before going so that you don’t have to search for a power bank or a charger and remember to try to avoid your phone so that you both wouldn’t be disturbed.
  • Be attentive to your partner’s talk so that he/she doesn’t lose interest in you.


So, these were some tips for first date. In the end, I would like to say that when you are dating someone tries to be original be specific, try to hide your nervousness, be confident. Always use the question that touches with emotion. If you want the next date than remember to make, your partner feels comfortable and safe. Use kind words like pretty or lovely in place of beauty. Dating makes relations or be casual but don’t remain fearful every date will give you a new experience. Do not forget to have this article saved in your mobile so you can have a checklist ready!

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