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Save Money On Valentine’s Day (10 Top Ways)

Valentine’s week is here. And for all of those who have celebrated it previously, know how much toll it takes on your pocket. Yeah, I know we can’t measure love with money and all. But deep inside, we all want to minimize the expenses, keeping the love same. Well, then you all are in luck because here we bring you ten ways to Save Money on Valentine’s Day.

I’m pretty sure this will put a smile on your face. Oh, and if you’re single then all I can say is forward this blog to your committed friends. Bring them joy. So, you all ready to save some extra cash this week? Alright, here we go then.

Handcrafted Gifts

It’s no secret that the price of gifts increases on Valentine’s day, we all bought expensive gifts for our loved ones before and when purchasing the present, the feeling is so good and pure, but when the month-end arrives, and you’re out of cash you look back at the month and think, “Only if I spent less on that gift”. So why not gift something handmade and save all that money?

Now I know not all of us have a hidden artist inside us. But trust me it’s not about the gift you give. It’s about the love and effort that went into that gift. And what better way there is than making the gift yourself. It can be anything from a box of memories to a simple valentine’s day card. Trust me people love handmade gifts because it shows the effort and hard work you did just because you love them. Moreover, this is the most important tip for saving money on Valentine’s day.

Netflix and Chill 

Yeah, I know all of you introverts jumped on your bed out of happiness after reading the heading. Nevertheless, all of you extroverts are just confused. But trust me it is one of the best ways to spend valentine’s day if you’re short on cash or want to be together in peace away from all the rush this valentine’s cause we all know how crowded all the right places are.

Just visit Netflix. You can do a movie marathon or watch a romantic TV Series while enjoying each other’s company and some popcorn with some quality romance.  

Plan a Picnic

Yeah, candlelight dinner is fancy and all but how about going on a picnic at some beautiful public place nearby. What’s better than spending time with each other under the shade of a tree enjoying each other’s company and hey you can pack yourself something to eat too cause it’s no picnic without some food.

Sounds pretty cool right? Well, it is, and it’s cheap too, all you have to do is find the right spot because you won’t be the only couple with picnic plans.

Seek Offers

You can go to a place which provides special offers for couples on valentine’s, there are many restaurants out there that have 1+1 food offers for couples or special discounts, and you can save some extra cash there.

These places generally have a valentine’s theme too, which is a nice add on also and is good to set a romantic mood.

Skip It

Well yeah, it sounds crazy, but you don’t need to prove that you love someone by celebrating love for a week you can skip valentine’s day. If you guys truly love each other then it shouldn’t bother you much, you can spend the day like any regular day, or you can talk about all the memories you made together over dinner at home, sometimes being simple is the best.

Putting In Some Extra Effort

We all love it when someone goes the extra mile for us which he/she won’t normally do, it’s fundamental human nature. So why not surprise your better half this valentine and surprise them by doing something that you won’t normally do.

For example, getting up early and waking him/her with a lovely breakfast alongside a love note. Or taking the day off and decorating the home for a candlelight dinner so that when he/she arrives all tired from work they can do nothing but smile and feel lucky to have you by their side.

Keep An Eye On Your Spending

Ok, so we all know the feeling when we get lost in the moment and spend more money than required well then this is an effective way to prevent that from happening. Decide how much you plan to spend beforehand and try to keep the bill under the limit. That is a very effective way to save money during valentine’s week given that you respect the spending limit you’ve set and yeah don’t set a limit so low that you’ll end up exceeding the limit on day one. Set a reasonable spending limit.

Buy Gifts Beforehand

This is precisely is the basis of sales. When there is more demand for something, then its price is bound to increase. Precisely this is what happens during valentine’s week since the need for gifts is a lot their price skyrocket. The sellers know that you’re going to buy those gifts no matter what. Obviously, you don’t want to upset your loved one.

Well, the smart thing to do here will be buying those gifts a week or two before valentines when the price of gifts is reasonable, but yeah one issue with it is that you got to keep the gift hidden adequately till Valentine’s since you don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Visiting Memories

Forget the fancy restaurants or the crowded couple spots. How about going to a place that is special for both of you? Sounds interesting, right? You guys can go to the place where you first met or where one of you proposed to the other or kissed for the first time or any such special memory like that.

You can try to recreate a special memory like that and make the day more memorable. 

Keeping It Simple

Your aim is to save money on Valentine’s Day. Yet, you want your loved one to feel special. Simply gift a red rose to your loved one and wish them happy valentines. Plant a kiss on their forehead followed, by a warm hug. That’s it, sometimes little things matter a lot and can mean a lot, it’s not always necessary to be flashy to tell someone how much you love them even a small act of affection is enough.


So, readers, these were ten of the finest tips to save money on Valentine’s Day. Remember, it’s never about the gift. Neither about the money. What matters is how much love there is between two partners. Get out there and enjoy the day of love with your loved one. Book This Event wishes you all the best!

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