How To Impress Your Boss
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How To Impress Your Boss

So, you want to know how to impress your boss? It would be nice if we experienced a daily reality check of what our bosses think about us exclusively by the quality and amount of our work we do. Notwithstanding, personal impressions are more significant. In the work environment, intriguing your supervisor can regularly affect keeping up your position and getting a promotion.

In a falling economy, this can even be the integral factor between keeping your job and getting laid off.
There are lots of ways to impress your boss without resembling like a brown nose in front of your colleagues (since no one enjoys “that person”).

Apart from your day by day work exercises, there are a lot of approaches well beyond that will set yourself apart from the rest. Each job is extraordinary, and each boss is unique, so we’ve incorporated a number of a wide range of strategies intended to impress your superior.

1) Be punctual –

Being punctual is one of the most prime characteristics a boss seeks in the employee, i.e. to be punctual. It shows your attitude towards the company you work & your work. If you are late if shows you don’t care about anyone or yourself.

2) Know Your Boss –

It isn’t effortless to impress someone if you don’t have a clue what is most important to them. In a way, start focusing on their conduct, their inclinations and their reactions to various types of situations. Search for things and activities that appear to interest and impress them. For example, if you see the supervisor react emphatically towards an employee who confronted them and challenged their decision, you should acknowledge what he/she values.

3) Own Your Job –

Be it your “Dream Job” or not, you must consistently & wholly put resources into the work you’re doing. Give it all that you have. Passion is hard to overlook. Take responsibility to be as educated about your work profile, job, rules & regulations as & when you can & ponder ways your industry can be improved. Furthermore, in case you have a good idea, please don’t be reluctant to pitch it to your chief! Make yourself basic.

4) Be Eager to Learn –

“An ability to learn shows desire.” A study shows that it is common for a few employees to lose interest in their work, which gives us an edge over them to be enthusiastic in learning new things & developing new skills apart from what is your usual job description.

5) Don’t turn down your assignments –

While your working, you will encounter a lot of opportunities & be sure to exploit them. Learn to prioritize your work according to urgency at that stage. Even if that means your boss is handing you more assignments, make sure you don’t turn them down & accept it. It will show your eagerness to learn & how willing to take more responsibility. Just be sure to deliver within the deadlines. At times, your boss might give you extra work to see your reaction, test your skills & passion towards work.

6) Meet or beat your deadlines –

This specific trick still works in the real world. Deliver your product or finishing your work before the scheduled time will always impress your boss & even you will feel good about yourself. Meet your deadlines or complete the job before the allotted time is one of the most effective ways.

7) Keep tracking your work progress –

The only way to show output is by measuring your work. What have you accomplished within a certain amount of time? The quality & quantity of your work will play a vital role to feature your accomplishments. Keep tracking your work progress & improve on the same lines throughout. Write down things that your boss or co-workers have admired about you. Take suggestions & improve on those. Write them down since these points will help you during your performance review, promotion & bonus.

8) Be brutally honest –

This saying still goes a long way “Honesty is the best policy”, I would suggest one be excruciatingly honest about his/her around their bosses or co-workers, even if the truth embarrasses you. Because being caught & being called a liar can not just prove to be a negative point in front of your boss, but you will even lose your credibility around your colleagues.

9) Be a team player –

Offer to help your associates when they get overburdened by their outstanding work at hand. It won’t just acquire your respect from your chief, yet also from your colleagues. If you choose this methodology, there are a couple of things you ought to be careful about.

  • In the first place, ensure that you can cope up to your own burden first before offering to help.
  • Furthermore, provide to accept an optional job, mainly when your work is done but do not accept accountability for someone else’s job role.
  • Also, keep in mind that offering help one too many times may lead to your co-worker taking you for granted & they will always pass their work to you. Be sure to draw the line where necessary to make sure you offer help when they are drowning with work & not when they have time to chat with the receptionist.

10) Take Responsibility –

As mentioned earlier, to be honest about your work to your boss & colleagues. The same thing goes for taking responsibility. We all make mistakes & there is nothing worse than someone who blames others for their own mistakes. Owning up mistakes will demonstrate integrity & bravery to your boss.


Anybody can talk up with their bosses and attempt to charm themselves. While individuals may support those with whom they are generally friendly, most bosses will keep on assessing individuals dependent on their performance on the job. These proposals mentioned above will assist you with improving your standing with your manager, regardless of whether they are anxious about your performance, or notice that you have all the time in the world to appear busy.

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