DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts (10 BEST IDEAS)

In today’s world, the way we say love you to each other is not merely through words or actions but also by giving gifts. So, with Valentine’s Day approaching, I am sure you all must be scratching your head, thinking about what you should give your partner? That’s why we brought the list of DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts only for you.

Gift-giving has become an important aspect of our lives. When I say gifts, you must be thinking about teddy bears, Valentine cards or something that is available in the market. But no. The best and the most admired gift that you can give to your partner is a thoughtful one, one that is self-made and handcrafted specially for them by you.

So, here are some ideas of the best DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts. Make some gifts for your partner and make them feel special this valentines week:


When in love with someone, they become your whole world, and what can be a better gift for such a person than this?

This DIY craft is very easy and cheap. Just take a globe, and you write( you can use marker or glitter sheets) on it a message for your dear like “YOU ARE MY WORLD” or “YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME”. You can place this gift on your partner’s nightstand and surprise them.


Everybody loves flowers, but it’s such a common gift. So, instead of gifting flowers, you can gift your Valentine a sweetheart vase. To make this, you will require a mason jar, red felt, baker’s twine, a large needle, and glue. Firstly, cut small hearts from the red felt. Then, thread your bakers twine on the needle and push it from the centre of the heart. Now, hang all the hearts on the twine, leaving a few inches between two adjacent hearts. Lastly, using glue or tape, fix one end of this thread on the bottom of the jar and entwine it all the way to the top. There, fix the other loose end and voila, your vase is ready.

This vase is personalized and hence is a better gift than a vase in the market.


What says love you forever better than a candle with carved initials? This is a great personalized gift that you can give to your flame.

Items needed will be a candle, gold leaf pen, ballpoint pen, linoleum cutter, tape, and design.

Firstly, fix your design over the candle so that when drawing on the candle, you don’t slip. Use a ballpoint pen when tracing. This will be your guide when cutting so be careful. Use the linoleum cutter to cut, and the length should be wide enough to accommodate the tip of gold leaf pen. Lastly, use the gold leaf pen to carve the initials and give it a beautiful look. Let it dry and then it is ready for you to give it to your loved ones.


Do you want to surprise your beloved with something small and sweet? If yes, then this is for you. These boxes are very sweet to look at, cheap and easy to make.

All you need are scissors, glue, glitter paper, and a template. This is really easy to make. You can candy or chocolates within these boxes and gift them to your partner.


This is probably the easiest and the most thoughtful gift that you can give to your other half. This is so much better than the gift boxes that are available in the store as they may contain some things of bad quality or some goods that are not desired by you. This Valentine jar is completely personalized and has all the things of essential requirements.

All you require is a mason jar, a small card and things your partner loves to use. Take the jar and fill it with these things. They can be chocolates, or makeup stuff, etc. Don’t forget to add a little message by leaving a card beside the box.


What says love you better than some sweets. This valentine gift your partner a personal candy box. It is very easy to make, and since it has your favourite candies, it is very delicious too.

For this, you will need a small box with some compartments. Now fill these compartments with the different kinds of candies your partner likes. Then, you can wrap a ribbon around the box and also add a little message if you want like ” YOU ARE AS SWEET AS CANDY”.


Well if you are stressing out what you should give to your bae, don’t worry because I have the perfect solution for you: A Glitter nail polish. All that you need is a clear nail polish and small heart-shaped glitter.

Firstly, empty out half the bottle of clear nail polish and add the heart-shaped glitter to it. Shake the bottle well, and your DIY glitter nail polish is ready for use.

It looks beautiful and is very cheap to make. Plus, you can add colours of your choice.


So, if your partner is a big fan of art, then I can’t think of a better gift than a crayon box for them. It is not that you buy crayons and give it to them. No. It is a DIY crayon box. This is very simple to make.

All you need is a sheet that will be made into a box, glitter, template, and crayons. It looks beautiful, and I am sure your partner will appreciate you for it.


If your partner is a fan of Sherlock Holmes, James bond and Jack Ryan, can you guess the perfect gift for them? That’s right; it’s mysteries and puzzles. So, you can surprise your partner and gift them puzzles in the form of secret messages.  This is a very easy DIY. It is very inexpensive too.

For this, you can use an old soda bottle or a mason jar. Inside the bottle put messages in the form of numbers and not in words. Your partner then decodes it for the final message. It is really fun, and you can take it as a project to make a secret message.


If your partner is a playing cards lover, then this may be the perfect gift for them. This is very inexpensive. Just take a deck of cards and join them like a scrapbook. Afterwards, write messages on each card or reasons why you love them. You can also use specialized cards for this.


So these were some of the best ideas for DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts. Let this Valentine be the most special Valentine’s day in your partner’s life by gifting them a handmade gift. Everyone can buy a gift, but only a few can make them. Wishing you happy Valentine’s, thank you for making us a part of your celebration.

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