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15 Health Benefits of Masturbation

Let’s learn the 15 Health benefits of masturbation. There are such myths regarding masturbation. But who knew there would be so many benefits of masturbating.

There are several myths and facts out there on almost every concept. But there is one concept about which people hesitate to even think of it. Masturbation.


  • Google defines it as stimulation of genitals for sexual pleasure. But society defines it as unethical. In fact, there is hardly any family member who tells you that masturbation is normal. Instead, people think that it is stupid shameful, disgusting and harmful. But the reality is masturbation is quite the contrary to what the myths say. Rather, it is actually beneficial for the body in many ways. Let us find out the benefits of masturbation.

1.Self-exploration boosts confidence

Masturbation benefit:Self-exploration boosts confidence
Self-exploration boosts confidence
  • Masturbation is the safest way to explore yourself sexually. It educates you on how your body works. Further, it helps to increase your confidence level and empower your body image

2.Stress Buster

Masturbation benefit:Be a  smiley ball. Always  smile.
A smiley ball
  • We all have different levels of stress in our lives irrespective of your relationship status. Masturbation gives pleasure to your mind and body. It brings you into the present moment and focuses on yourself.

3.Natural Insomnia Treatment

Masturbation benefit:photo of Sleeping man
Sleeping man
  • If you are not able to get enough sleep due to stress, anxiety or busy schedule then an orgasm is what you need before you go to bed. Due to the release of love hormones, oxytocin and dopamine, the body gets exhausted and your brain puts you to sleep.

4.Relieves Menstrual Cramps

Masturbation benefit:Girl sleeps on couch while fighting period cramps
Girl sleeps on couch while fighting period cramps
  • Contrary to what you have heard, masturbation during periods is actually good for the body. Although it won’t solve the problem but getting relieved from cramps for a while sounds soothing to a woman in pain.

5.Reduces Chances for Prostate Cancer

Masturbation benefit:Photo depicts a depressed man
Photo depicts a depressed man
  • Prostate occurs in the prostate which is a walnut-shaped gland in men producing the seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperm. A 2004 Harvard study states that people who ejaculate at least 21 times a month have lesser chances of prostate cancer.

6.Good Sex Life

Masturbation benefit:A happy family
A happy family
  • Sex is one of the most exciting things to do but an early orgasm can end such a good session pretty early. Masturbation helps you to control your orgasms by adopting different techniques. It also helps you to explore the biggest turn-ons. What more do you need for a good sex life?

7.Prevents UTIs

Masturbation benefit:Prevents UTIs
Prevents UTIs
  • According to the Women’s Health Network, masturbation helps to prevent cervical infections. When a woman masturbates, more blood flows to the cervix and causes the cervical opening to tent. It allows the accumulated material to pass through. Thus, UTIs are prevented because it lubricates the vagina, flushing out the old bacteria.

8.Strengthening of Pelvic Muscles

Masturbation benefit:Photo of fit woman
A fit woman
  • When a woman orgasms, it lifts the pelvic off the floor. This increases the tension in muscles and strengthens the entire pelvic region. Men also strengthen their pelvic floor by masturbation either by pulsing their anal muscles during anal play or by squeezing and releasing the muscles that make the penis bounce up and down.

9.Pain Killer

Masturbation benefit:Photo depicts relase of endorphins in brain
Photo depicts release of endorphins in brain
  • Masturbation releases endorphins from the brain which are the pain killers for the body. So you can add it to your list of actions that reduce pain.

10. Mutual Masturbation

Masturbation benefit:A happy couple
A happy couple
  • There is no compulsion that you must masturbate alone. You can do it with your partner too. And no, it’s not awkward. In fact, it develops a deeper connection between the two people. It allows you to explore each other sexually by focusing on yourself.

11. Immunity Provider for Men

Masturbation benefit:A fitness model showing off his muscles
A fitness model showing off his muscles
  • Ejaculation increases the levels of the hormone, cortisol. In small doses, it helps to build a strong immune system. A 2004 study showed that men have more white blood cells after 45 minutes when they ejaculate.

12.Increased Life Span

Masturbation benefit:Picture of a happy elderly couple
Picture of a happy elderly couple
  • A Welsh study on 1000 men over the course of 20 years shows that men with two or more orgasms per week die at half the rate of men who orgasm once a month.

13.Good For Skin

Masturbation benefit:Model showing off flawless skin
Model showing off flawless skin
  • Orgasm increases blood flow to the skin, which makes your blood vessels open up. This results in slightly rosy cheeks in some people. You can call it the post-sex glow. Furthermore, oxytocin released during an orgasm can reduce inflammation, making rashes less visible.

14.Heart Health

Masturbation benefit:Model holding heart shaped object representing proper heart health through masturbation
Model holding heart shaped object representing proper heart health through masturbation
  • Orgasms can help protect you against cardiovascular diseases. A report from the Massachusetts Aging Study found that men who had sex once a month or less were 45% more likely to die of cardiovascular diseases than men who had two or more orgasms per week.

15.Improved Health

Masturbation benefit:happy healthy model
A happy healthy model
  • Notice that your clogged nose gets better masturbation. This is because orgasms reduce the swelling of the vessels in your nasal passages. It is said that masturbation can improve your health if you have a common cold, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, or other ailments.


  • Hence, masturbation is completely healthy and normal. Some myths might scare you into thinking that it is wrong or bad. But it doesn’t ruin your sex life or use up all of your orgasms. Masturbation needs to be accepted as humanly and not a judgement of character. After all, if something is so beneficial for us, why should it be not talked about enough?
Masturbation benefit:Health is Wealth
Health is Wealth

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