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10 things a guy must have in his bag


Ladies appear as though they are constantly arranged forever’s everyday snags. Perhaps they appear to be more arranged than men do because they convey a huge number of fundamentals in their bags. Anything from toiletries to tech and make-up. Here are 10 things a guy must have in his bag that will set you up for pretty much anything. We men need to consider the basic things we ought to have with us consistently. This is the place the correct pack or rucksack becomes possibly the most important factor. The way things are, your work bag has your Laptop, wallet and cell phone, which has been taken care of. Since, it’s better to have what you need when you need it.

A pair of extra clothes

      An extra pair of clothes i.e. a T-shirt & socks should always be kept in your bag in case you wind up going to a party after work or end up spending the night at your friend’s place. This can be a true life saver since you are ready for the next day & you need not borrow clothes from your friend. A tiny casual t-shirt always comes in handy and is one of the most important thing in the 10 things a guy must have in his bag.



      Is it bad to smell good? No, it isn’t. Make sure always keep a pocket perfume or a deodorant in your messenger sling bag to smell good if you are going to travel all day for meetings. Dab the perfume on your clothes with dry wipes to make sure you don’t get your clothes stained for no reason.

Mints/Mouth freshener

10 things a guy must have in his bag

      Ensuring your breath is new is vital for any individual who will manage others, and it is constantly a smart thought to have two or three additional stashes squared in your pack, as no one can tell when you may meet an intriguing and attractive individual on whom you will need to leave a lasting first impression whether it is work or personal.

Charging USB wire & portable battery

      Looking at the rat in the 21st century, you have to be smart as well as use a smart phone, which has now become an essential product in day to day lives of individuals. Right from basic communication to finalizing business deals, from giving presentations to watching movies/series & music. Obviously these products have some limitations & their batteries get drained.  Better be prepared with a USB charging wire when your cell phone is about to die, but wait, you will also need a good quality power bank i.e. a portable battery to charge your phone. A good & basically higher capacity power bank shall get you through the day.

      Just open your bag & connect these when your phone battery begins to die & you are good to go & ready to face everything & anything with what life throws at you. It is the most priority in 10 things a guy must have in his bag these days.

A good & lower costing headphones/earphones

10 things a guy must have in his bag

      You can obviously show off your Dr.Dre beats earphones. Bose headphones but just in case keep a quality earphones but not too costly. You might get stuck at a subway station, waiting for a bus or just merely stranded in the rain out of nowhere. Moreover, if your work demands you being on the cell phone for most of your time, this should be one of the most basic things in your bag.


Snacks for boys

      One has to be duly energetic to work throughout the day. So, it is always useful to carry a snack in your messenger bag. A protein bar or something which is nutritious for your health that will keep you going shall not be forgotten. Better nutrition for better mood & hence better productivity. Increased focus while on an empty tummy might just drain your energy & your output. Also might make you look lethargic. And yes we can avoid this by just carrying a snack bar or a protein bar.

Reusable water bottle

reusable water bottle for guys

      Well, throughout the entire cycle of your day, water is an essential need & hence carrying a reusable water bottle makes it perfect. You can use this bottle while you are at work. In case you hit the gym post working hours this bottle will be handy & even while camping or hiking. Apart from its multi purposes, it is environment friendly. It helps reduce waste caused by a single use plastic bottle. You save money instead of wasting it on single use plastic bottles as it will last for a couple of years.

Quality pen & notepad

10 things a guy must have in his bag

      With a smart phone you can do almost anything, but it’s also vital to carry a notebook & a pen with you at all times. You can always use the notebook to write down details in case your battery & your power bank dies, a traditional product like notebook & pen might just save you by taking down notes. You can just use it for anything – sketching, doodling, writing down your budgets to getting groceries etc. While you cannot always rely on your memory, carrying this will just resolve your issues. It is good for your mental health as well & you never know when the writer/poet from within you might awake and strike.

Pocket Comb & lip balm

           Your skin heals faster. The skin on your lips is thinner than your facial skin. To avoid the embarrassment of chapped lips if you’ve ever experienced chapped, peeling and cracked lips, you will know exactly how embarrassing it is.

           After spending a considerable amount of time in the bathroom getting your hairstyle just right, you better make sure that you have a comb with you to keep up the appearance throughout the day. A travel-sized comb is slim and slender, meaning it won’t take up a lot of space in your pockets, yet it can certainly have a big impact on your style.

           In terms of value and importance, nothing beats having convenience at hand. Whenever you head to the bathroom, you can easily pull out that comb and make sure that your hair is perfectly in place, thus ensuring that you are fashionably on point.

A USB drive

10 things a guy must have in his bag

                You have to carry this at all times. You can use it to back up your phone data, transfer files, backup photos, documents, contacts, your work presentations & your documents. It is small and fits right in your pocket. Rather it fits in your wallet. Easy to carry & to use.

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