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Who Moved My Cheese? Book Review

Who Moved My Cheese? Book Review in English. Here are few and most Important topics about the book are displayed.

  • Originally published:      8 September 1998
  • Author:                             Spencer Johnson
  • Publisher:                        G. P. Putnam’s Sons
  • Genres:                             Fiction, Self-help book

How many of you are stuck in life and don’t want to move forward?

  • Do you know how to deal with changes positively? Always keep one thing in mind that changes are part of our lives and we have to accept it with a positive attitude.

What is Change?

  • Change is Natural and no one can control it but Human Nature generally resists change because it is uncomfortable for most of the people to accept it, whether the change has positive or negative effect on one’s life. It becomes a habit of an individual of be comfortable with negativity and they fear to come out of their comfort zone.
  • According to me Change is very important because it teaches the best lessons of life which none else can. You don’t have to interfere in any situations, you just have to adopt to those changes.
  • The book “Who Moved my Cheese” written by Spencer Johnson is one of the amazing book that a person must read which tells us about how to deal with changes in life and enjoy it. It truly contains life changing and self-realization content in it. Though the book size is small but it contains deep meaning.
  • This book is must read for all and not meant to specific person. All age group members can read this book and implement the life lessons from this book.
  • I never knew this book will have a drastic change in my life and attitude.


who moved my cheese
  • This book “Who Moved My Cheese?” is basically about the changes that takes place in your life. The author explains it with a story in which changes takes place in a maze where four characters look for cheese. Here, Cheese is metaphor for what we want in our life whereas maze is a metaphor for place where we spend our time looking for what we want in life. Everyone has their own idea of what cheese it.
  • There are four characters in this story: Two mice (Sniff & Scurry) and two people (Hem & Haw).
  • The story begins with these four characters who are trapped in a maze, looking for cheese inside but they often get lost. The maze has chambers, corridors but also has some dark corners. Mice used simple method to find cheese just by smelling the direction of it whereas little people relied on the ability to think and learn from past experiences.
  • Fortunately, they all discovered cheese in a place called Cheese Station- C. Hem & Haw became confident of getting cheese and one day the cheese was over, instead of crying for it Sniff & Scurry moved forward to find new cheese whereas Hem & Haw couldn’t believe it and stopped.
  • Haw suggested to go find new cheese but Hem argued. They started growing weak and blaming each other. Things getting worse everyday and seeing these situations Haw thought that why didn’t he get up and move with the cheese soon. Haw realized, if he had move sooner, he would very likely have found a good place for new cheese but his partner Hem was happy when he wasn’t being run by his fear.
  • Haw finally went out to find new cheese and was successful in it.
  • He realized that when he had been afraid to change he had been holding on to the illusion of old cheese that was no longer there.

“Nothing gets better until you change”

Learning  from the Book

  • Change Happens (They keep moving the cheese )
  • Anticipate Change(Get ready for the cheese to move)
  • Monitor Change(Smell the cheese often so you know when it is getting old)
  • Adapt to change quickly( The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you can enjoy new cheese)
  • Change (Move with the cheese)
  • Enjoy the change ( Enjoy the taste of new cheese)

Be ready to change quickly & enjoy it again (They keep moving the cheese)

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