The Big Short Movie Review
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The Big Short – Movie Review


Released in 2015, The Big Short is a biographical comedy-drama movie, based on the book, The Big Short: Inside The Doomsday Machine. The author of the book was a financial journalist, Michael Lewis. This movie portrays the collapse of the entire housing economy of the United States.
Watching this movie feels like going on a roller coaster ride of emotions. It is a unique work of art. Depicting various financial instruments, it does not make you feel less knowledgeable about finance. This movie shows the real-life horror that the common people had to go through in the 1990s due to corruption. Read more of The Big Short Movie review.


As a general viewer, you might knot know about the subprime mortgage loss or the ratings of bank policies. But it does not make the film less interesting. The film shows the multitudes through which the collapse of the housing economy occurred. The director, Adam McKay, makes sure that each one of us understands the meaning of every financial happening showed in the film. The anticipation of the collapse, how the banking sector was before it happened, and how people were affected by it; this might sound simple, but it is all very real and heightened in the movie. The Big Short reveals the terror people went through to merely because the banks were busy making money for their own.

People lost their jobs and homes. They got pushed into debts, and financial investments people did not understand back then. This film highlights many critical points that we all tend to ignore, generally. The ignoring attitude and blind trust towards the financiers lead the people to lose everything they had worked for. Although there were certain people who tried to warn everyone about the upcoming disaster, no one listened. When it happened, they were the ones who were left with money due to their smart strategies to stay in the market.

The film begins with the introduction of a hedge fund manager, Michael Burry, who was the first to find out the instability of the housing market. Concurrently to his story, two separate stories also took place in different cities carried out by different people. The Brownfield Capital and the partnership between Jared Vennett and FrontPointpartners also took steps to benefit themselves from the collapse of the housing market. Although a few people accidentally discovered this downfall, they were the ones who took it into their advantage.


The movie is an eccentric artwork that can make you relive the whole scenario of that time by merely sitting in front of the screen. It teaches us all a very important lesson of life. People want to have luxury even if they cannot afford it. Their desires lead them to make insensible financial decisions, risking everything they have earned. We all tend to ignore the financial knowledge assuming that we would not be able to understand that it. But with the growing importance of money, basic financial knowledge comes in handy. After all, you should know how to spend your hard-earned money in the right way.

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