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Angels and Demons Book Review

About The Author Of  Angels & Demons Book

  • Written by Dan Brown, this amazing thriller novel, Angels and Demons, is worth your time and money. For a fan of mystery and drama, it can create an entirely different world of your own. Once you start reading this novel, you cannot stop because the storyline is so intimidating that it gets on your nerves. Initially, the story can be a little confusing if you’re reading the work of Dan Brown for the first time. Nonetheless, it will make you want to reach the end and finish this 600-page book in a week.


  • The story is about a protagonist, Robert Langdon, who is a professor of symbology. He flies from Boston to Switzerland after getting a call from the director of CERN, one of the biggest science centers in the world. A physicist, Dr. Vetra, was murdered in one of their labs with the symbol of Illuminati branded on his chest. Illuminati is portrayed as a cult, but it was a group of Renaissance scientists, including Galileo, who held secret meetings in Rome to discuss new scientific ideas in safety from the papal threat. What this ancient association has to do with Dr. Vetra’s death becomes apparent at the middle of the story. As an expert in Symbology, Robert is asked to investigate and find the killer of the scientist. This mission takes him to the sacred Vatican city. But inside one of the buildings in the town, a time bomb is ticking. At the beginning of the novel, you will find various maps of the Vatican city. It is for a better understanding of the reader as the book is very detailed about the streets and locations. Hence, it highlights the amount of research that has been put into the work of this writer.
  • The entire story revolves around the findings on Illuminati and the stopping of the time bomb from exploding. Dr Vetra’s daughter, Vittoria also joins Mr Langdon in his mission. The writer opens the eyes of the reader to one of the most intriguing concepts of all. It talks about the connection between science and religion as one.
  • In a world where the two subjects are rivals, the logic of the writer concerning their connection is worth a praise.  The revenge of a daughter for her father’s death and the hint of romance among the chaos of life and death is perfectly balanced in this novel. The big revelation at the end of the book will put the reader in awe. The suspense and thrill built up in the story get justice by the end. As any reader can guess, the love story of Robert and Vittoria ends on a happy note. But the hardships they fought as a scientist and professor, daughter and lover, is what makes the entire book into a mind-boggling story. Everyone loves a great climax, but the ending is, something that no one can guess. Overall, it’s a good book. And it’s a must-read for those who love thrillers.

Review of the book – Angels and Demons

Genre– Mystery, thriller

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