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Anarkali of Aarah – Film Review

It is a very well-known fact that women who are either housewives or do jobs or, in general, ought to be treated with respect, but women who are either prostitutes or bar dancers shall not be treated with basic human dignity. They shall be treated as things or the most popular word used for them, “Item.” Why? Because if they are willingly performing jobs with people or in front of them, it means that they are guilty, and they do not have/deserve respect and can be made or compelled to do anything.
The movie, Anarkali of Aarah, deals with this specific issue.

Anarkali of Aarah – The Overview

The film follows the story of a woman named Anaarkali. She earns her livelihood by performing on double meaning and erotic songs in public functions. During one of her shows, she encounters Dharmesh, the vice-chancellor of a local university. Mesmerized by her beauty and moves, he tries to molest her.

Being in a position of power, he has the upper hand over Anaarkali, but she refuses to give in. Tha leads to a conflict between the two: one fighting for his ego, the other for her respect.
During the movie, Dharmesh throws various challenges on Anaarkali. He tries to overpower her in every way possible by exploiting all her weaknesses. At one point, he even sends her to jail. But all this does not stop the inner storm of Anarkali.

She refuses to lose the battle and in the end, emerges victorious.
The movie has Swara Bhaskar in the lead role as Anaarkali, and she does a fantastic job playing her and doing satisfactory justice to her character. The film is a must-watch.

It attempts at breaking down the stereotype of society. Our civilization treats women who work as prostitute or dancers like a piece of discard. The society disgraces, avoids and treats such women differently.


This movie gives confidence to such women to fight for themselves and their rights. It teaches them never to surrender whatever be the circumstance. It enlightens us to be humble towards them and not play the monster in their lives. They already have problems of their own, let’s not become another one.

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