15 Health Benefits of Masturbation

Let’s learn the 15 Health benefits of masturbation. There are such myths regarding masturbation. But who knew there would be so many benefits of masturbating.

There are several myths and facts out there on almost every concept. But there is one concept about which people hesitate to even think of it. Masturbation.


  • Google defines it as stimulation of genitals for sexual pleasure. But society defines it as unethical. In fact, there is hardly any family member who tells you that masturbation is normal. Instead, people think that it is stupid shameful, disgusting and harmful. But the reality is masturbation is quite the contrary to what the myths say. Rather, it is actually beneficial for the body in many ways. Let us find out the benefits of masturbation.

1.Self-exploration boosts confidence

Masturbation benefit:Self-exploration boosts confidence
Self-exploration boosts confidence
  • Masturbation is the safest way to explore yourself sexually. It educates you on how your body works. Further, it helps to increase your confidence level and empower your body image

2.Stress Buster

Masturbation benefit:Be a  smiley ball. Always  smile.
A smiley ball
  • We all have different levels of stress in our lives irrespective of your relationship status. Masturbation gives pleasure to your mind and body. It brings you into the present moment and focuses on yourself.

3.Natural Insomnia Treatment

Masturbation benefit:photo of Sleeping man
Sleeping man
  • If you are not able to get enough sleep due to stress, anxiety or busy schedule then an orgasm is what you need before you go to bed. Due to the release of love hormones, oxytocin and dopamine, the body gets exhausted and your brain puts you to sleep.

4.Relieves Menstrual Cramps

Masturbation benefit:Girl sleeps on couch while fighting period cramps
Girl sleeps on couch while fighting period cramps
  • Contrary to what you have heard, masturbation during periods is actually good for the body. Although it won’t solve the problem but getting relieved from cramps for a while sounds soothing to a woman in pain.

5.Reduces Chances for Prostate Cancer

Masturbation benefit:Photo depicts a depressed man
Photo depicts a depressed man
  • Prostate occurs in the prostate which is a walnut-shaped gland in men producing the seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperm. A 2004 Harvard study states that people who ejaculate at least 21 times a month have lesser chances of prostate cancer.

6.Good Sex Life

Masturbation benefit:A happy family
A happy family
  • Sex is one of the most exciting things to do but an early orgasm can end such a good session pretty early. Masturbation helps you to control your orgasms by adopting different techniques. It also helps you to explore the biggest turn-ons. What more do you need for a good sex life?

7.Prevents UTIs

Masturbation benefit:Prevents UTIs
Prevents UTIs
  • According to the Women’s Health Network, masturbation helps to prevent cervical infections. When a woman masturbates, more blood flows to the cervix and causes the cervical opening to tent. It allows the accumulated material to pass through. Thus, UTIs are prevented because it lubricates the vagina, flushing out the old bacteria.

8.Strengthening of Pelvic Muscles

Masturbation benefit:Photo of fit woman
A fit woman
  • When a woman orgasms, it lifts the pelvic off the floor. This increases the tension in muscles and strengthens the entire pelvic region. Men also strengthen their pelvic floor by masturbation either by pulsing their anal muscles during anal play or by squeezing and releasing the muscles that make the penis bounce up and down.

9.Pain Killer

Masturbation benefit:Photo depicts relase of endorphins in brain
Photo depicts release of endorphins in brain
  • Masturbation releases endorphins from the brain which are the pain killers for the body. So you can add it to your list of actions that reduce pain.

10. Mutual Masturbation

Masturbation benefit:A happy couple
A happy couple
  • There is no compulsion that you must masturbate alone. You can do it with your partner too. And no, it’s not awkward. In fact, it develops a deeper connection between the two people. It allows you to explore each other sexually by focusing on yourself.

11. Immunity Provider for Men

Masturbation benefit:A fitness model showing off his muscles
A fitness model showing off his muscles
  • Ejaculation increases the levels of the hormone, cortisol. In small doses, it helps to build a strong immune system. A 2004 study showed that men have more white blood cells after 45 minutes when they ejaculate.

12.Increased Life Span

Masturbation benefit:Picture of a happy elderly couple
Picture of a happy elderly couple
  • A Welsh study on 1000 men over the course of 20 years shows that men with two or more orgasms per week die at half the rate of men who orgasm once a month.

13.Good For Skin

Masturbation benefit:Model showing off flawless skin
Model showing off flawless skin
  • Orgasm increases blood flow to the skin, which makes your blood vessels open up. This results in slightly rosy cheeks in some people. You can call it the post-sex glow. Furthermore, oxytocin released during an orgasm can reduce inflammation, making rashes less visible.

14.Heart Health

Masturbation benefit:Model holding heart shaped object representing proper heart health through masturbation
Model holding heart shaped object representing proper heart health through masturbation
  • Orgasms can help protect you against cardiovascular diseases. A report from the Massachusetts Aging Study found that men who had sex once a month or less were 45% more likely to die of cardiovascular diseases than men who had two or more orgasms per week.

15.Improved Health

Masturbation benefit:happy healthy model
A happy healthy model
  • Notice that your clogged nose gets better masturbation. This is because orgasms reduce the swelling of the vessels in your nasal passages. It is said that masturbation can improve your health if you have a common cold, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, or other ailments.


  • Hence, masturbation is completely healthy and normal. Some myths might scare you into thinking that it is wrong or bad. But it doesn’t ruin your sex life or use up all of your orgasms. Masturbation needs to be accepted as humanly and not a judgement of character. After all, if something is so beneficial for us, why should it be not talked about enough?
Masturbation benefit:Health is Wealth
Health is Wealth

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Top 12 Most common Interview Questions and How to Answer them


Interview Tips for First time Job seekers

  • Top 12 Most common Interview Questions and How to Answer them: 1) Tell me something about Yourself. 2) What are your weakness?3) What are Your Strengh? and many more.
  • Want to know a secret on how to ace interview? Well, to be honest, there are none, no secrets, and no shortcuts to acing an interview but there are some tips and advice. The best advice on acing in an interview is to go prepared. You can’t win a battle without weapons. Similarly, you can’t ace an interview without preparing for it. You can’t just wake up, go for an interview without doing any preparations before and expect a follow-up call. No. You have to work hard for it.
  • Preparing for an interview does not simply mean rehearsing 4-5 times beforehand, wearing proper attire, carrying all important things, etc. It also includes knowing about the company, its products, having knowledge of all the current affairs, the state of the nation, etc. Apart from this, there are so many questions that an interviewer can ask you and you ought to know the answer, the right, and the most assertive, convincing answer. Out of all, some questions that an interviewer asks can be out of the field and cause you to hesitate while some questions can be expected. So, to make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of some commonly asked questions during an interview and the best possible way to answer them. This will help you to ace that exam (interview) of yours.

1.Tell me something about Yourself

Feel strong about yourself
  • From the resume and the cover letter, the interviewer obtains knowledge about the candidate. Then there are other sources like LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, etc. from where the interviewer can gather more information about the candidate. So the motive behind asking this question is to assess the skills and abilities of the candidate. For example to check if leadership abilities are present or if the candidate is sympathetic.
  • While answering this question, you should not just tell what you did and how you did it but also try to explain why you did it; why you took certain jobs, why you chose a particular School. Try to connect the dots in your resume and give a little perspective of your thoughts and your life to the interviewer.

2.What are Your Weakness?

Transform weakness into strength
  • This is one of the popular questions. The most common way this question is answered is by telling a weakness and then transforming it into a strength. The other approach to this question can be by talking about a weakness that you are currently working on so as to improve it. No one is perfect. By showing your flaws, you are appreciated as you are seen capable of self-assessment.

3.What are your strenghts?

Prove your strength
  • Though the interviewer already knows about the strengths of the candidate by reading his resume, they still love to ask this question. The key to answering this is not by just telling them your strengths but proving them. While answering give examples that prove that you have the qualities that you claim to possess.

4.What makes You different from other candidates and why should we hire you?

You are perfect
  • Answering this question can be tough especially when you don’t know the other candidates and how are they going to address this question. While answering such a question you have to talk about the things that make you best and the perfect fit for the organization and the job. You have to basically sell yourself.
  • The best way to answer such a question is by summarizing your experiences. For instance- I have 6 years of experience in the field of sales.

5.Why do you want to work with us?

Mission to achieve
  • By asking this question the interviewers try to assess whether or not you researched the company and the reasons why you think you are a perfect fit for the company.
  • The best way to answer this question is by properly doing your homework. Research the company, beware of its mission, vision, objectives, history, products, etc. Talk about the goals that appeal to you and try to align them with your career objectives.

6.What are your future goals?

Goal of your life
  • When asked this, try not to dwell yourself in the distant future but talk about the immediate or rather short term goals. For instance- I want to develop my skills in marketing and make myself a better marketer. I hope to grow into a position of responsibility.

7.What are you passionate about?

Passion and commitment
  • The rationale behind asking this question is to know what drives you and what you care about. It helps them to know if you are a perfect fit for the job or not.
  • The best way to answer this question is by talking about something you are genuinely passionate about and explaining why. Then try to relate how it fits in your job.

8.What motivates you?

  • Like the previous question, the employers ask this to know what moves you and inspires you. This helps them to know if you will perform well or not.
  • To answer this question, be as specific and real as possible. Talk about your experiences and sum up by relating it all back with the job.

9.Are you leaving your current job?

Change to grow
  • When you have to move from one job to another, interviewers love to ask this question. Now there could be many reasons for leaving a job and people tend to talk about the negative aspects of their role. But this is not the correct way to tackle such questions.
  • To answer it, talk about your future prospects and how you want to grow. Combine this with how you can achieve them through the role you are interviewing for.

10.Where do you think you will be in five years?

Journey og success
  • By asking this question, the interviewer tries to get an insight into your mind and assess if the role and the organizational goals fit with your personal goals.
  • Answer it generally. Talk about the different skills you would want to develop, the various roles you would like to play and the things you would want to achieve.

11.What salary do you want?

Know to market rate
  • The salary that you propose and the budgeted salary must match. If you propose a very low or high salary than the salary range, then the employers might think you don’t know your worth. It is to your advantage if the employer tells you the salary range. But if not, then in such cases it’s better to already know the market rate of such role.

12.Would you like to ask anything?

Your queries
  • This is indeed one of the most important questions that an interviewer might ask as it is a great opportunity for you to explore any subject that hasn’t been yet touched. It preaches your excitement to the employer. By this time, you must have already covered all the basics. So, you can ask the interviewer about their experiences and acquire pointers on how to succeed if hired.
  • Much like preparing for a test, preparing for an interview can never be easy. But you can always practice. By preparing beforehand the answers to various questions, you won’t stumble in between and be more confident. Such attributes are sure to impress the employer.

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10 things a guy must have in his bag


Ladies appear as though they are constantly arranged forever’s everyday snags. Perhaps they appear to be more arranged than men do because they convey a huge number of fundamentals in their bags. Anything from toiletries to tech and make-up. Here are 10 things a guy must have in his bag that will set you up for pretty much anything. We men need to consider the basic things we ought to have with us consistently. This is the place the correct pack or rucksack becomes possibly the most important factor. The way things are, your work bag has your Laptop, wallet and cell phone, which has been taken care of. Since, it’s better to have what you need when you need it.

A pair of extra clothes

      An extra pair of clothes i.e. a T-shirt & socks should always be kept in your bag in case you wind up going to a party after work or end up spending the night at your friend’s place. This can be a true life saver since you are ready for the next day & you need not borrow clothes from your friend. A tiny casual t-shirt always comes in handy and is one of the most important thing in the 10 things a guy must have in his bag.



      Is it bad to smell good? No, it isn’t. Make sure always keep a pocket perfume or a deodorant in your messenger sling bag to smell good if you are going to travel all day for meetings. Dab the perfume on your clothes with dry wipes to make sure you don’t get your clothes stained for no reason.

Mints/Mouth freshener

10 things a guy must have in his bag

      Ensuring your breath is new is vital for any individual who will manage others, and it is constantly a smart thought to have two or three additional stashes squared in your pack, as no one can tell when you may meet an intriguing and attractive individual on whom you will need to leave a lasting first impression whether it is work or personal.

Charging USB wire & portable battery

      Looking at the rat in the 21st century, you have to be smart as well as use a smart phone, which has now become an essential product in day to day lives of individuals. Right from basic communication to finalizing business deals, from giving presentations to watching movies/series & music. Obviously these products have some limitations & their batteries get drained.  Better be prepared with a USB charging wire when your cell phone is about to die, but wait, you will also need a good quality power bank i.e. a portable battery to charge your phone. A good & basically higher capacity power bank shall get you through the day.

      Just open your bag & connect these when your phone battery begins to die & you are good to go & ready to face everything & anything with what life throws at you. It is the most priority in 10 things a guy must have in his bag these days.

A good & lower costing headphones/earphones

10 things a guy must have in his bag

      You can obviously show off your Dr.Dre beats earphones. Bose headphones but just in case keep a quality earphones but not too costly. You might get stuck at a subway station, waiting for a bus or just merely stranded in the rain out of nowhere. Moreover, if your work demands you being on the cell phone for most of your time, this should be one of the most basic things in your bag.


Snacks for boys

      One has to be duly energetic to work throughout the day. So, it is always useful to carry a snack in your messenger bag. A protein bar or something which is nutritious for your health that will keep you going shall not be forgotten. Better nutrition for better mood & hence better productivity. Increased focus while on an empty tummy might just drain your energy & your output. Also might make you look lethargic. And yes we can avoid this by just carrying a snack bar or a protein bar.

Reusable water bottle

reusable water bottle for guys

      Well, throughout the entire cycle of your day, water is an essential need & hence carrying a reusable water bottle makes it perfect. You can use this bottle while you are at work. In case you hit the gym post working hours this bottle will be handy & even while camping or hiking. Apart from its multi purposes, it is environment friendly. It helps reduce waste caused by a single use plastic bottle. You save money instead of wasting it on single use plastic bottles as it will last for a couple of years.

Quality pen & notepad

10 things a guy must have in his bag

      With a smart phone you can do almost anything, but it’s also vital to carry a notebook & a pen with you at all times. You can always use the notebook to write down details in case your battery & your power bank dies, a traditional product like notebook & pen might just save you by taking down notes. You can just use it for anything – sketching, doodling, writing down your budgets to getting groceries etc. While you cannot always rely on your memory, carrying this will just resolve your issues. It is good for your mental health as well & you never know when the writer/poet from within you might awake and strike.

Pocket Comb & lip balm

           Your skin heals faster. The skin on your lips is thinner than your facial skin. To avoid the embarrassment of chapped lips if you’ve ever experienced chapped, peeling and cracked lips, you will know exactly how embarrassing it is.

           After spending a considerable amount of time in the bathroom getting your hairstyle just right, you better make sure that you have a comb with you to keep up the appearance throughout the day. A travel-sized comb is slim and slender, meaning it won’t take up a lot of space in your pockets, yet it can certainly have a big impact on your style.

           In terms of value and importance, nothing beats having convenience at hand. Whenever you head to the bathroom, you can easily pull out that comb and make sure that your hair is perfectly in place, thus ensuring that you are fashionably on point.

A USB drive

10 things a guy must have in his bag

                You have to carry this at all times. You can use it to back up your phone data, transfer files, backup photos, documents, contacts, your work presentations & your documents. It is small and fits right in your pocket. Rather it fits in your wallet. Easy to carry & to use.

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Everyone must have 10 Plants in their Surroundings

  • A 1989 NASA experiment found that certain indoor plants can improve the air quality of your home by absorbing chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde from the air. The research found that several houseplants could act as natural air filters.
  • Additionally, a study has shown that being in the environment with plants can help reduce stress and improve blood pressure and heart rate, reports Time. Everyone must have 10 Plants in their Surroundings or in a balcony

List of top 10 Plants everyone should have in their surroundings.


top 10 Plants: Pothos Plant
Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay
  • A very common houseplant, Pothos is known for being exceptionally hardy, and are difficult to kill. Pothos is also known as Golden Pothos, Ceylon Creeper, Hunter’s Robe, Ivy Arum, Money Plant, Silver Vine, Solomon Islands Ivy, Marble Queen, Epipremnum Aureum and Taro Vine. While Pothos isn’t the most potent air – purifying plant, it’s the ease of care, which means that you can grow this one in your house even if you lack a green thumb. Like other plants, Pothos has air – purifying qualities as well, so if you’re looking for the benefits of houseplants but aren’t so good at keeping them alive, this one is a great start!!

2.English Ivy

English Ivy Plant
Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay
  • You might think Ivy as an outdoor plant that adds rustic charm to old buildings. But when you keep Ivy indoors, it can help in purifying the air in your home. English ivy is good for absorbing mold in the air, according to Allergy and Air. English Ivy is also called the common ivyHedera helix, European ivy, or just ivy, A study authored by Hilary Spyers – Duran found that English Ivy was able to absorb a large portion of airborne mold when placed in a jar with moldy bread. This plant loves bright light and slightly dry soil, so put it somewhere sunny.

3.Boston Ferns

Boston Ferns
Photo by Trygve Finkelsen from Pexels
  • Boston ferns are known for being very easy to care for, and they’re also a powerhouse for purifying the air of your home. Boston ferns are ranked in NASA’s list of air-purifying plants for their ability to remove compounds like formaldehyde, plastics, or cigarette smoke from the air, according to SF Gate. These compounds are absorbed by the Fern’s leaves and turned into materials the plant can use.

4. Peace Lily

Peace Lily
Image by MasterTux from Pixabay
  • The Peace Lily is another plant that NASA found to be great for absorbing compounds from the air. It is renowned for its ability to break down compounds like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and benzene.
  • Peace lilies, sometimes called the “Closet Plant,” don’t thrive in direct sunlight. Put your peace lily somewhere where it can get indirect light and give you all the benefits of clean air. This is a great apartment plant for anyone who doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

5.Aloe Vera

Image by Stephanie Edwards from Pixabay
  • You might already know about the health benefits of Aloe Vera for the skin, but the plant itself is also great for purifying the air. It works to absorb airborne compounds from paints and cleaning agents and you can also have it in treating your sunburn!
  • You can also use aloe vera in foods and drinks, like the Raw aloe vera Brownies.

6.Snake Plant

Snake Plant
Photo by Kate Amos from Pexels
  • The snake plant absorbs CO2 and converts it into oxygen. They’re a great plant to place in your bedroom because they’ll improve the air quality as you sleep, according to Lifehacker. The snake plant also works to remove xylene, toluene, and trichloroethylene from the air in your home.

7.Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant
Image by Asatira from Pixabay
  • Are you looking for slightly a larger plant that makes your air cleaner? Rubber plants can take a lot of neglect, so they’re not as difficult to care for as some other plants. Their large leaves absorb more material from the air, which is then converted into either nutrient for the plant or compounds for the soil, according to SF Gate.

8.Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy Plant
Image by armennano from Pixabay
  • Gerbera daisy was found by NASA to be the most effective plant in removing Benzene from the air. Similar to snake plants, gerbera daisies are known for their ability to absorb airborne compounds and produce oxygen at night, which may help those who suffer from sleep apnea, according to Lung Institute.

9.Azalea Flower

Azalea Flower
Image by Jerrico Usher from Pixabay
  • Azalea, being a pretty flower that adds colour to your home, can also help improve indoor air by absorbing formaldehyde from the air. Just be sure to keep your azaleas misted, as they prefer a humid environment and moist soil.

10.Corn Plant

Corn Plant
Image by EM80 from Pixabay
  • This plant is ranked number one in NASA’s test for removing formaldehyde. Also called the Corn Plant, the mass cane is a popular plant for sprucing up an office or home. It’s a slow-growing, low maintenance for those who want to have a plant that would look nice in their home and also make the air cleaner at the same time.
  • The plants listed above are not very difficult to find, if you want them. They are readily available at almost any flower nursery near you.
  • So, you can find them in no time and place them in your surroundings and make your home look beautiful and healthy.

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How to make money from YouTube (Updated 2020)

  • No wonder Youtubers make an ample amount of money from the YouTube platform, and it is fascinating to people, and having that eagerness to grab the formula for this is obvious to be seen. If you think that merely uploading videos would fetch you money, then you are wrong. There are many factors on which it is dependent. Taking advantage of the opportunities depending on the audience is crucial. 
  • YouTube search engine platform with loads of content to watch, be it educational, cultural, or standup. Earning the audience by creating content focused on teaching, entertaining, reviewing, mass appealing, and concentrate on the need of the hour of the viewers.
  • Close attention to the gender of the audience, if it skews over a particular group or generalizes. The age range that your audience falls into is essential because connecting the videos to mental and personal level goes high tide. This demographic insight works well for better understanding of the YouTube platform. 

 Here are some steps as to how one can make money from this powerful platform:

Create your Youtube channel

  • To start or set up one channel that can be found from various sites or Google.
  • It is the first and essential step that one needs to follow. First and foremost, you need to figure out your ‘thing’ and get your gear on the go. Find your niche that could be singing, fashion tips, teaching, cooking videos, comedy, or even food blogging. Strategizing the content for your channel is necessary, as uniqueness is the key for videos to go viral in a minimal period. Research, along with effort, will create the best combination. Content that is worth sharing has the potential to bring in more likes and eventually more followers to your channel.
  • To create YouTube account, go to https://www.youtube.com/account

Youtube partner program

  • a definite revenue stream that one is going to follow after a channel creation is through exploring ads. Setting up for monetization once you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours over the past year can be done successfully. Youtube premium is a paid partnership program aiming the fans to watch their favorite content from their favorite content creators freely without clicking on ‘skip ads’ or getting irritated 15 seconds or being redirected somewhere else (haha). So if you’re wondering as to how money is earned if not from ads, then here is your answer. It is based on how much do the members watch the created content. Isn’t this secondary source a secret weapon to add on to ongoing earning.


  • The method is to connect to Google Adsense, which is basically an advertising system. Bidding for space on videos based on factors like audience or keyword typed is done. The number of impressions is the basis of the pay. Maybe initially, with a small channel, the payment could be for a few months, but eventually, with the growth of the channel, it would also increase.

Youtube SEO

  • The tools offered by YouTube is one of its kind for earning money. YouTube search filters clear the idea of what to make and what not to. This approach guide helps you with sorting related content, rating, and all sorts of data required to build up your channel. Tube toolbox is another tool for gathering information. Brandcast, SerpStat, Vidiq, Cyfe are some fantastic tools that every content creator should be well aware of for engaging the maximum audience and making the most out of their videos. 


  • It is the most popular and efficient way to make a fast buck. Sponsored deals with companies that pay for promoting their products in the videos help with a lump sum of cash from the company.
  • Media campaigning promotion and affiliated marketing for products
  • valuable information with the intended users and donation from users
  • Funding is sourcing donations from fans is another way to make money. Youtube’s Super Chat feature is super cool, which is used when live streaming happens. Donating as per your wish is all that is needed.


  • To different paths depending on the success rate can be taken into form. T-shirts, mugs, badges, vouchers, and meetups in the real world make the audience lured into their celebrity. Loyal fans getting involved and supporting is the smallest payment one can receive. 

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