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#askgranny4: So there is this guy whom I like has a girlfriend. Now he and we both are pretty close. To be honest, some of his actions show that he likes me (my intuition though). So I am pretty confused about what should I do about it. Ps. He is in an open relationship with his girlfriend.

The feeling of love towards someone, it must be beautiful. The sense of happiness and excitement, sense of caring, sense of affection, sense of being special to someone. So the time is passing, and we want to confess our feelings to our special one. This is something we all go through; there may be many things stopping us. Fear of losing the one we love is also one of them.

Many would tell us how to respond or behave in this situation. They are the ones who can help us to think correctly, but we are the ones who have to make a move. Well, let’s make it clear, “What do I feel?” “Is it worth it?” or “Should I know more?”. These are surely confusing times when we have to decide whether we are going to use our emotions or our mind. We must understand both the situations of ours and our partners.
How will the result of our action be?

The better we know the other person, the better the chance of getting an expected answer. There is always a chance of losing that special person, but if we want it to be more than friendship, we must take the initiative. Make our decision, so we don’t have to regret it later. We must be ready for both the best and worst situations. We shouldn’t be scared of getting rejected. We just need to believe in ourself and our instincts.

We must respect each other’s feelings, as well. It doesn’t matter whether the answer is as expected or not. The most important thing is that we made the courage to ask and confessed our feelings honestly. It is very important to be clear when we confess our feelings. Leaving someone in an emotional dilemma is confusing for them, and it is inappropriate. When there is something that our heart wants to speak out, then just go with the flow. Because that is how we make connections. That is how we build relations.
We wish you good luck.

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