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#askgranny3: I am working in an internship I tried to work hard and satisfy, but they do not appreciate my work.what should I do? Should I quit?

There’s nothing worse than feeling unseen and unheard in the workplace. We all work passionately not just for salary but also for self-satisfaction, for knowledge and to feel complete. Internships are conducted for young minds to learn and understand the working environment before getting a job.

Firstly the work of an intern is not easy. We have to put a lot of effort, time and patience in our work to reach the perfection our boss requires. In this developing world of increasing talents, we have to compete with every person coming in our way. We have to get used to the competition if we want to survive. Playing safe is not gonna make us a winner.

Sometimes our colleagues may not notice the hard work we keep into the work assigned to us. We keep doubting ourselves and questioning ourselves if we are suitable enough for this job. The feeling that we don’t belong here haunts us all the time. In such situations, we need some appreciation and some motivation to keep going. But it need not always be from our coworkers. We can self motivate ourselves, as well.

Self-motivation can be in any way which is suitable for us. We shouldn’t depend on our coworkers for motivating us. It is very rare to find such coworkers these days. Even after spending all the time and completing the work doesn’t satisfy our lead or our coworkers, it is okay to ask. We can be realistic and ask our boss where they find it imperfect. Or where they want us to improve. As an intern, we have every right to ask and learn work.

If it is difficult to ask our boss, then ask colleagues or those whom you trust. Observe those who are getting appreciated for their work. Compare yourself with them to excel in your job. Here the comparison is to learn not to compete. Such observations will help us learn and work even better. There is no end for improvement.

If all the options seem helpless, we might want to quit our internship. Quitting is easy, but if we quit today, we will quit whenever we face an issue in our work or life. We must remember that there is no next time in this life we all live in. Why not take it as a challenge and win over the difficulties? Your achievement is what remains in the end. What we learned from this internship is what matters more than anything. We wish you good luck.

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