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#askgranny2: I’m in a relationship with someone, but I often find myself facing trouble to cope up with work and everything. Will it be of any help to break off things?

Being in a relationship with someone is a healthy and normal phase of life, here you are trying to explore and make a connection with others, and are trying to be together in a bond. Initially, it does feel like a sense of happiness and excitement while dealing with life events such as job and personal life. But, if you feel that, you often find yourself facing trouble to cope with work and other things. Trying to find out what is the cause of this problem, you must think critically. Certain perspectives must be taken into consideration while solving such issues.

  • Understanding the cause of the problem helps you to figure out various solutions to the given problem.
  • Is there anything that I can do to organize my personal life and work-life?. If you have a solution, then you must think about implementing it. Study of both the short and long term consequences.
  • You must also think about the best and the worst result of the solution. How will this solution affect your life and your work?
  • Taking rash decisions to solve the problem is not a better option. Because of work and relation are both important for your future.

Many times these difficulties arise due to disagreement or misunderstanding with your partner in the relationship, which causes stress and anxiety within you but during these circumstances, you must be discrete and think of a better future.
You must be assertive while explaining things to yourself and your partner.
Understanding, analyzing and communicating are the most crucial aspects to solve the conflict. There is always a possibility to solve the problem without hurting anyone’s feelings. But when it comes to you, you must be clear and assertive with all the facts and feelings that affect you. It sure will take time to adjust after your decision. But it’s worth it if it is for your future.

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