About Us

Book This Event is a student-run start-up company. We help colleges to promote their festivals and organize various corporate events.

Our portfolio includes E-summit IIT-B, E-Summit IIT Roorkee, E-Summit BITS, Audacity IIM -U, E-Summit MSIT, and many other events.

Vision– To become India’s largest student-run organization.

Mission – To combine work with fun and create a friendly and supportive atmosphere for every student who is working for Book This Event.

We believe that work should always be enjoyable and not at all stressful. Because of this cheerful attitude of our owner we have a team of over 25 students working with us.

Our Team:-


  1. Arman

The backbone of our team aka the writers are:-

  1. Divya
  2. Prabhat
  3. Anupriya
  4. Sameera
  5. Aashka
  6. Aayushi
  7. Anupam
  8. Bhoomika
  9. Crystal
  10. Jaya
  11. Kaizeen
  12. Mahima
  13. Manshi
  14. Marmik
  15. Medha
  16. Radha
  17. Riya
  18. Sameera
  19. Shruti
  20. Varun

Designers who give an aesthetic touch to our content are:-

  1. Kruti
  2. Chandan
  3. Chandana
  4. Danish
  5. Divyesh
  6. Gunvansh
  7. Madhu
  8. Piyush
  9. Sai
  10. Shruti
  11. Vishnu
  12. Madhu
  13. Vaibhav