Almost everyone today has developed a craving for junk food but one cannot forget the essence of Desi Tadka. Food today has such a colossal impact that so many places in India are named after their regional food. When it comes to the northern region of India people somehow associate it with the delicacies of Punjab! In the truest sense, Punjab has used a number of flavours and has earned this popularity and recognition by its food items. A foodies’ true delight lies here so when on a visit to Punjab here is the list of five dishes to give a shot : 

1) Lassi:
– Beat that heat with the refreshment of special Punjabi Lassi. Lassi can be sweet as well as salty depending on taste preference. It’s preparation is using curd (Dahi), and the glass for serving has garnishemt of fresh cream on the top giving it a heavy creamy texture. Along with its classic flavour – cardamom and saffron, Lassi is also available in other flavours like – mango, strawberry, etc.

2) Sarson ka saag and Makke ki Roti :
– ‘Sarson ke khet’ are widespread in Punjab and the best of it is seen in the iconic movie from Bollywood – DDLJ, the way the couple stays together fighting all odds; similar is the bond i.e. combination of sarson ka saag and makke ki roti in Punjab. Sarson that is spinach pairs with sweet makke ki roti which makes up for a perfect dish. A foodies’ delight lies in these smacks.

3) Rajma Chawal:
– Rajma Chawal is one of the staple foods of people in Punjab, found in almost all households. Along with Rajma ( red kindney beans) and Chawal (rice) , people include pickles to enhance its flavour and papads add to the crunch on the platter. Rajma Chawla can be an offering with chappatis or phulkas.

4) Chole – Bhature :
– Chole (chickpea) has a taste that can leave one licking their fingers. There are two types of chole that are famous, Amritsari Chole and Peshwari Chole. The basic difference they have is the prior has gravy and the latter is a bit drier. Chole taste the best with Bhature (they are similar like poori but not the same). Chole – Bhature together make a Punjabi food fiesta.

5) Dal Makhani (or Dal Makhni) :
– Dal Makhani is forenamed as the royal kind of dish. It is a mouthwatering dish indeed. With Urad (black lentils), Rajma (red kidney stones) and obvious to its name makhan i.e. butter and cream , a relishing dish that caters the need of royalty to the taste buds. Dal Makhani tastes the best when its served with Naan Or Jeera Rice.

                                 -Written by Manshi